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  1. ready to skip to the part of my life where i'm financially stable, actually have a plan for the future, and am not being haunted by existential angst 24/7

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      From my experience, financial stability alone doesn't equate satisfaction let alone happiness. This is from someone who has ideas, and hope, but little means of executing said ideas or even have enough people who can and want to help.


      Maybe the point of existing is to make our meaning if not finding, by at least focusing on something or trying something new. Some of the greatest inventions weren't built overnight. Did you know the precursor to the internet, the ARPANET, was conceptualised mainly due to a desire to develop a more resilient communication method (compared to phone/circuit switching) at the height of cold war fears? Hence the first packet-switching network was formed, decades before the modern internet flourished beyond the founder's expectations and used in ways they could only begin to imagine.


      Great people weren't 'made' overnight either and many had no idea how well they'd be in months let alone years or decades time. But that's not really what life's about, at least it shouldn't contrary to what Hollywood portrays....life is more about finding one's place or building it, for themselves and others no matter how obscure.


      But if all else fails, at least for now, live for the chocolate. And cake. Better yet, chocolate cake. :chocolate::cakeslice: