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  1. eager to finally go home for winter break but also dreading the inevitable conversations with my nosy, aphobic relatives who only try to support me when it's convenient

  2. Aromantic Character Headcanons

    Same! Haruhi has been one of the very few characters in any media that I have related to so strongly, up until the point where they threw all that potential away. Maybe that's why I always kinda felt empty at the end of the show?
  3. New Freeform show?

    So I stumbled across this trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZWr4Tbc0l8 and it seems very platonic?? From the trailer I can't see if it's going to be any good but I was wondering what you all think about it.
  4. Singer comes out as aromantic!!!!

    Reading people's annotations of Sumney's lyrics on Genius is so frustrating... So many allos missing the point. Oh well, at least we'll always know the truth.
  5. Aromantic Character Headcanons

    YES. Everything about this. Haruhi could have been such good aro or aro-ace rep if they'd just ran with that instead of screwing it up at the end! Ugh! I'd never thought about Kyoya before though! Oh boy... Don't even get me started on the disgrace that is Shitterdale. Anyone who's been around in the Discord chat for a while can probably tell you I have a lot of opinions about what the CW has done to aro-ace rep...
  6. Feeling Left Behind...

    Oh yeah, all the time. Thankfully most of my friends aren't in relationships, but I've definitely lost a few friends down the line because they thought their s/o was more important than the friends who had stuck by their side for years. It also bothers me how there's so many cultural rituals you're allowed to partake in when you're dating someone, like my sister was always allowed to bring her boyfriend to family events but I can't bring a friend I've known for ten years because our relationship isn't romantic and therefore isn't seen as having the potential to be permanent or lead to marriage.
  7. the three pillars of aro culture are puns, memes, and salt

    1. Apathetic Echidna

      Apathetic Echidna

      pillar of salt......you be getting quite biblical

  8. The Asexual Thread

    Absolutely! And in addition to that, a lot more people understand what asexual means than what aromantic means, and romance is seen as such a human universal by so many allos that being aromantic is way more alienating and I feel like I have to hide it way more
  9. The Asexual Thread

    I kind of went back and forth on this for a while. I think it is vital to separate asexuality and aromanticism, but a lot of the reasoning for it in the asexual community (by allo aces) is what I take issue with. It's usually something along the lines of "stop lumping asexuals with aromantics! not all of us are aro most of us can still love just like everyone else!) in that really dehumanizing way that kind of throws aros under the bus in order to make the community more palatable for the mainstream. Lumping aros with aces tends to hurt aros more than allo aces in my opinion, since aros (especially allo aros!) are shoved under the umbrella of asexuality and often erased because of it. My asexuality is a big part of my life but doesn't make nearly as much of a daily impact on me as my aromanticism and I think the more I started to realize that the more I started to realize how important it is to have an aromantic community distinct from the asexual community, even though there will always be overlap.
  10. That's So Aromantic!

    Interesting! I like how this article emphasizes that asexual and aromantic are two different things, and addresses the fact that romance should not be placed above other types of bonds!
  11. How are your friendships changed by your aromanticism?

    Only two of my main circle of friends are in relationships. One is one of my best friends and she was the first person to find out I was aro, and I talk to her about it more than my other friends, so she doesn't treat me any differently (not in a negative way at least). The other I'm not as close with and I'm not out to, so she doesn't treat me any differently at all either. I almost feel like I treat them differently because of their relationships. Not those close friends really, because I was friends with them for so long beforehand, but recently I've met people I thought I was becoming friends with and one of them got into a relationship and stopped talking to me as much and I pretty much cut her out of my life instantly.
  12. Where are your strongest relationships?

    I'm very close with a few different people but in different ways/for different reasons. I would like to live with my friend some day (it isn't really an option at the moment), but I'm also okay the way things are now.
  13. squishes and querplatonic relationships

    I have never been romantically attracted to anyone in my entire life. Therefore, I identify as aromantic. But I love my friends to the moon and back, platonically. While I wouldn't call it a life goal for me, I would be happy in sort of a permanent-roommate situation with my best friend. I don't know that I personally would want to call it a partnership because of how romantic-coded that idea is (and because of years of being sidelined by people when they get romantic partners--I'm resistant to the idea of becoming a single unit with another person) I don't think there's anything inherently romantic about wanting a permanent partner. Not every aromantic wants that just like not every alloromantic wants that. The difference is that as an aromantic person, whether I want a partnership or not, I don't experience romantic feelings. Orientation is about attraction, not behavior. This is the way I like to look at it. The more we try to define things with strict lines, the more boxes we create and the more confusing things become.
  14. Aromantics Just Want to Be Your Friend

    I'm surprised an article about aromanticism existed in 2014 and I'm just seeing it now! I'm absolutely here for this visibility, although the tone got a bit patronizing when they started talking about when is "too young" to identify as aro, and the article seemed to look down on the idea of QPRs a lot... but then again, it is from 3 years ago.
  15. Favourite Anime/Manga(s)?

    @Apathetic Echidna I LOVED Erased! It had its flaws for sure, but something about the aesthetic of it and just the concept was really engaging to me. I just finished Wandering Son, which is basically about trans kids dealing with middle school and puberty and it is so good and wholesome. I highly recommend it.