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  1. since i was last active on here i like. came out to a bunch of people.

    would that be interesting to talk about?

    1. Emerald Cheetah

      Emerald Cheetah

      Yeah! I'd love to hear how people reacted. 

  2. QPRs, as they were coined, are meant to be self-definable. While I've typically heard them defined as being committed, the level of commitment is probably going to vary. QPRs can have sexual aspects, though. Whether or not you would still wanna call it a squish is beyond me; attraction terms confuse me.
  3. I've never put too much thought into my appearance. I don't like makeup or dressing too feminine, but I'm not sure how much of that is personal taste vs. not wanting people to view me as a potential partner vs. complicated gender stuff (and the last two kind of go hand in hand). It's kind of hard to tell how I'd feel if I wasn't aroace, because I've never been anything else.
  4. *taps mic* is this thing on? feels like i haven't been on the forums in ages

  5. hey siri??? if some hypothetical aroace individual has never actually properly come out to someone throughout 4 years and now they've internalized so much fear about it that it's become a control issue and they don't know how to explicitly divulge this information to anyone? asking for a friend

    1. Naegleria fowleri

      Naegleria fowleri

      Baby steps? Perhaps they can start by telling someone online outside of Arocalypse, someone they'll never meet in real life (if this hasn't happened already). Then maybe they can mention to someone open-minded (a classmate, a coworker, a loose friend) that aromanticism/asexuality exists. Then work up to coming out to friends and/or family.


      You've got 835 friends on here rooting for you!

  6. hey happy pride month everyone! i love being aro and i love my friends

  7. Yeah I honestly couldn't even read through this whole article because it just made me feel bad, like being asexual is something I'm going to resent when I'm 40 or whatever and feel like a monster for. Most of these people really don't seem aro to me.
  8. is the papo meme officially dead? do i need to change my profile pic or am i going to go down with this sinking ship??

    1. techno-trashcan


      i changed my pic you guys. it's the end of an era.

    2. Zemaddog


      It was good while it lasted

  9. hm. it's only the second week of summer vacation and i'm already getting bored. what do i do??????????

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Magni


      oh mood....my sleep schedule is already more trash than normal lol

    3. Eklinaar


      Make more memes

    4. techno-trashcan



  10. Apologies for the yelling towards the beginning and stuff, there's only live recordings of this right now, but I love this song with all my heart.
  11. several years ago, not long before i started identifying as aroace, my parents put up this archway/trellis/gate in our garden, and i was outside with one of my best friends one days when she said she could imagine me under that arch with a future boyfriend, and she said she had this mental image of the ideal boyfriend for me, though she couldn't really describe that image. i didn't have a mental image, and trying to conjure one up didn't really work. obvious aro moment.

    1. techno-trashcan


      update: i asked my friend about this, and she told me she'd forgotten about that until now, but said, "i think i was picturing some artsy white boy. it was a different time."


      my response? "gross."

  12. i literally have an aro side blog and yet i just reblog 99% of aro stuff onto my main. why am i like this

  13. in high school i had this blog where i would write about stuff and then send it to my friend group and in 2016 i EXPLICITLY outed myself in one of my posts (i literally told a significant portion of my aro/ace story and then outed myself!) and to this day 99% of the people who i used to send it to have no idea and i think that proves that most of them only pretended to read anything i wrote, or at least only vaguely paid attention to it

    1. techno-trashcan


      i can't believe i really did that. what was i thinking???

  14. pros of the semester being almost over:
    - semester is almost over
    - i can go home


    - drowning in final papers

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