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  1. techno-trashcan


    Yeah I honestly couldn't even read through this whole article because it just made me feel bad, like being asexual is something I'm going to resent when I'm 40 or whatever and feel like a monster for. Most of these people really don't seem aro to me.
  2. is the papo meme officially dead? do i need to change my profile pic or am i going to go down with this sinking ship??

    1. techno-trashcan


      i changed my pic you guys. it's the end of an era.

    2. Zemaddog


      It was good while it lasted

  3. hm. it's only the second week of summer vacation and i'm already getting bored. what do i do??????????

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    2. Magni


      oh mood....my sleep schedule is already more trash than normal lol

    3. Eklinaar


      Make more memes

    4. techno-trashcan



  4. techno-trashcan

    What Are You Listening To/Post A Song

    Apologies for the yelling towards the beginning and stuff, there's only live recordings of this right now, but I love this song with all my heart.
  5. several years ago, not long before i started identifying as aroace, my parents put up this archway/trellis/gate in our garden, and i was outside with one of my best friends one days when she said she could imagine me under that arch with a future boyfriend, and she said she had this mental image of the ideal boyfriend for me, though she couldn't really describe that image. i didn't have a mental image, and trying to conjure one up didn't really work. obvious aro moment.

    1. techno-trashcan


      update: i asked my friend about this, and she told me she'd forgotten about that until now, but said, "i think i was picturing some artsy white boy. it was a different time."


      my response? "gross."

  6. i literally have an aro side blog and yet i just reblog 99% of aro stuff onto my main. why am i like this

  7. in high school i had this blog where i would write about stuff and then send it to my friend group and in 2016 i EXPLICITLY outed myself in one of my posts (i literally told a significant portion of my aro/ace story and then outed myself!) and to this day 99% of the people who i used to send it to have no idea and i think that proves that most of them only pretended to read anything i wrote, or at least only vaguely paid attention to it

    1. techno-trashcan


      i can't believe i really did that. what was i thinking???

  8. pros of the semester being almost over:
    - semester is almost over
    - i can go home


    - drowning in final papers

    1. Jot-Aro Kujo

      Jot-Aro Kujo

      Good luck with your papers!!

    2. techno-trashcan
  9. techno-trashcan

    Intersectionality with aromanticism

    I mean, feminism, as a cop-out answer. In terms of philosophy, existentialism. At least in my experience. If you realize the traditional romance life narrative doesn't fit into your life, it's not that big of a cognitive leap to decide nothing is in the universe is inherently any certain way and you're free to pretty much do whatever you want.
  10. techno-trashcan

    Aro/Ace puns

    I've been using "arometer" for aromantic. Like "barometer"!
  11. also today in my adolescent literature class i had an epiphany: i've found myself relating to/projecting onto/even writing so many fewer female characters than male characters for multiple reasons, but there was one piece i was always missing: romance/falling in love/being motherly or nurturing are such INTEGRAL parts of so many narratives written for girls and women, even some held up as feminist icons, while there are many more male characters who either evade the romance narrative entirely or their personal narratives aren't totally centered around it.


    feminism has failed me! and that's the tea.

    1. Costati


      Yes exactly I have so many issues with that and especially that to counter-balance that every female character that I have are so opposed to romance and really independent and all when I don't have this issue with male character. Some of them aren't interest in romance but some are really romantic but it doesn't bother me as much. I'm so glad somebody noticed that.

  12. aro culture is constantly being a stepping stone for your "friends" until they find a romantic partner and decide they don't need you at all

    consequently, aro culture is having this happen to you so often that you get used to it and just assume you can never trust your friends

    1. Eklinaar


      Big, as the kids say, mood.

    2. Zorcodtoa


      Aro culture is being enlightened on this subject and realising why all your friends disappear over time when you're older. That and they die.

  13. techno-trashcan

    Aromantic culture is...

    Aro culture is inside jokes with like 2 people because you barely have any contact with other aros.
  14. AJNXJWJDKQKDA at 7 AM i was sleeping and my roommate finally came back after a night of partying and a guy on our floor was putting her to bed (even though she could walk herself but okay) and then i heard them kissing for a solid 30 seconds and he was like "goodnight" (it's 7 AM my dude the SUN IS RISING) and said something and she goes "i love you too" and he leaves ajdhwjdkkwkd she's been off-and-on hating and loving this guy all year and i know they thought i was sleeping but my romance repulsed ass was SCREAMING and now i feel like i'm harboring a dirty secret SOS my aro ass doesn't deserve this

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    2. techno-trashcan


      OH MY GOD no more discourse on my status updates 2k18 please

    3. Cavalier080854


      You have to, the world does not change for a tiny minority. It sucks, but what you are saying is narcissism, people think only of themselves, without exception. They are in the heat of the moment  The last thing on their minds is you. You have to be more tolerant and forgiving. 

      What they are doing is normal. All you will install is resentment if they go with what you want.

      This has very little to do with respect, more live and let live.

      So long as you are not physically involved, then I advise you to drop it. Bad feelings will ensue

    4. techno-trashcan


      i don't think you understand what i'm saying. all i was doing was telling a story of an awkward moment. they thought i was asleep, and i wasn't, so i felt uncomfortable. i'm not going to police their life.


      stop commenting on my statuses if you're only going to lecture me every single time about how i'm being narcissistic when you don't even have the full context.


      if this gets spicy i'm gonna have to delete ANOTHER status lmao!!

  15. so just wondering when am i gonna be able to have an aro community OFF of the internet

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    2. Zorcodtoa


      Pardon my age but what does "BIG MOOD" mean?

    3. Jot-Aro Kujo

      Jot-Aro Kujo

      @Zorcodtoa Saying "mood" is like a way of saying "This resonates with me" (although sometimes in kind of an abstract way, tbh), so "big mood" is like "This REALLY resonates with me".

    4. yenyyoo


      What a mood! It's so hard to find anyone that is even remotely aro irl. I have a few friends on the a-spec and its cool and all but they still want to have romantic relationships and I'm here with all this leftover pizza, losing friends to the tendrils of romance.