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  1. I don’t get how some people really hate their exes and that it’s considered to be okay. It’s understandable to hate someone who turned out to be terrible once you got to know them better, but even the happiest couples end up like this sometimes, and I just don’t understand why you can’t remain friends after a break up if you used to enjoy your each other’s company so much.
  2. Howdy. I’ve already lurked a bit on the forum, so I suppose it’s the time to also write a small introduction for myself. I’m Kallie, a High School student from a non-English speaking country, so I’m sorry in advance for any of the mistakes I could make. I had a conversation with my best friend this autumn. We were talking about a guy, who has been crushing on me for more than a year now, and I told her that I simply don’t understand how someone could have such strong feelings towards an another person (and thought he was lying), and she told me I will understand it later. We didn’t talk about it much afterwards, but it made me start questioning myself. When I first read the description of who an aromantic was, my first reaction was to ask “Wait, what even is romantic attraction?”, and when I looked it up I was very surprised people actually felt that. I started watching videos on the topic, reading blogs, articles, and this forum, and I felt like a lot of the things described there matched how I felt, or that my experience made more sense when I looked at it through an aromantic lense: all of my crushes were just squishes, because I thought that wanting to talk to someone more was romantic attraction; trying to imagine myself dating or (god forbid) marrying someone had always felt very wrong, but I could see myself spending my future with a close friend; people would always think I was flirting with someone whereas I just was trying to be nice and friendly with them. I have even made a long list of such signs to help me feel more confident about my identity I still feel like I may be too young to know for sure. One of the worries I have about using the label is that I will probably be the only aromantic many of the people I know will ever meet, so it will create an awful image if I will later realize I’m actually allo. Still, I think it describes me the best and I feel the most comfortable using it, so I doubt this will ever happen.
  3. Very early aromantic moment, but when I was nine or so, I would always hang out with one boy in my class after school, and one time he asked me if I loved anyone (and was expecting me to say that I loved him), but I said “Yeah, I love my dad a lot”.
  4. I found out about asexuality in 2015, and then about aromanticism in 2016 when I was doing my research about various LGBT+ identities, but I started questioning myself only in 2019. I’m in High School now, most of my classmates either have a crush on someone or are already dating, and when my best friend told me she got a boyfriend I thought she was joking because I couldn’t imagine how it must feel or why she would want it. So I realized I don’t understand what half of the people I know are talking and asked myself if I can even feel any romantic attraction. Based on my research, I probably don’t. I feel like I still may be too young to come to any conclusions, but I’m happy with identifying as aro for now ✌️.
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