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  1. No, I totally see what you're saying, and that's really irritating.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one! I just want a ton of close friends. Is that too much to ask?
  3. Am I the only one that feels really awkward when other people are flirting with me? Like, I've (unwillingly) watched enough romance movies and things to know when someone is flirting with me, but I just feel like ugh when people do it. And it's not the euphoric feeling alloro people say they get either. It's like a sick-to-my-stomach, my-anxiety-is-kicking-in feeling. And it's even worse when I can tell they are about to confess a crush (again, too many romance movies because my grandmother and sister love to watch them). I'm sitting here like don't you do it, don't say it. And then they say it and I have to awkwardly be like "Well, I'm aro, but (explanation of my opinions on dating)" Anybody else understand the awkward feeling? Anyone have any tips?
  4. When one of your alloro friends says they have a crush on you and you just have to be like "Bad news, buddy." 

    I feel so bad for them though. I almost wish I wasn't aro so I could make them feel better about that.

  5. They mean they're going to give up on having crushes, which from my knowledge is pretty impossible for alloro people? Idk honestly, they were pretty emotional at the time and not being very clear. I did, to which they just responded that they were a bit jealous of me never having to go through what they are. Idk man.
  6. Yess! I was so happy that at least a couple people realized that love doesn't have to be romantic!
  7. So one of my alloro friends has recently had their heart broken, and they've decided to give up on romance as a result. Seems like a bit of an extreme reaction to me, but I'm just the aro, right? Well, I'm sitting here, trying to make them feel better and convince them to not give up on something that makes them happy, but I have no idea how to do it. Or even if I should be doing it. Help?
  8. I can relate to most of the things, except the odd "butterflies in your stomach" and such, but I agree with you! Why do these things have to be romantic???? Can't I just feel that way about my friends???? Also, I love the lady who was for 31 years, she's one of us!!!
  9. Fair enough. I'm just do it because I prefer the awkwardness on my end of "Oh crap I have to do romance things which I actually have no interest in" rather than not having that person as a friend at all. Because every time I've dated someone that has been the reason why. Either I'm dating them or we're not really friends because they feel awkward.
  10. @SJB @Jot-Aro Kujo I did it!!! I talked to them and it didn't go awfully! I have no idea whether we are still dating or not, but if we aren't then at least we are still friends and they are still talking to me!!! So that's great!
  11. I felt this in my soul. I didn't understand this until, like, last week (aka when I finally realized I was aro, because people let me know that aro does not also have to mean ace).
  12. I am, indeed, young (still in high school). Idk. I'll talk to them about it soon, I guess. I've been feeling really guilty about not talking about it, and you guys have given me a little bit of courage to maybe actually talk to them about it. So thanks for that.
  13. But I hadn't actually told anyone that I was aro when I started dating them and they are really depressed right now and I'm worried that if I tell them that, you know, I don't actually like-like them, then they will feel worse about themself and then it'll be all my fault.
  14. Well, not being able to talk about being aro is a bummer, but it's not a big deal for me. I'm just happy that we're still friends, even if it does make it awkward on my end sometimes. DISNEYYYYY! Yes! I mean, I love Disney and all, but it is refreshing to see some of the newer movies and things that don't necessarily have romance at the center of their plots. Although there's some of the older ones that are also good in that respect (Lilo and Stitch, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, etc).
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