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  1. Glad to find myself here, though a bit surprised. I'm in my late 20s and thought I had this figured out a while ago. Anyways, I'm !marion. (The ! is both optional and silent, but there as a reminder that it's a pseudonym despite not sounding like a handle.) I'm a queer(/bi/pan) programmer, play tabletop RPGs, am unreasonably proud of my dog(/cat/creature). Oh, and I'm a woman, in this agendery "everyone's always considered me one, and it's not an objectionable grouping/I can see how got there, but if you want to be technical about gender as identity, I don't" kind of way. To some extent, I'm kinda surprised it took me this long on the aro thing because my partner-in-crime and I are basically the QP version of those romantic couples who've been together since elementary school. We nominally dated for a couple years during college, then "broke up" in what I'd describe as closer to a Dating Annulment because it was never romantic or dating. Side component to that was life plans on different sides of the US, and the parallel realization that we definitely didn't want to live together even if were in the same place because holy shit we'd get on each other's nerves. Concurrent/subseqent to that I tried dating and polyam, wound up with a lot of getting the 'hissing like a wet cat' feeling over things that were probably normal romantic things. Add in an upsetting incident where I still don't understand that "nonmonogamous dating" is a concept materially different from "friends with benefits". Let simmer for a few years, and, yeah.
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