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  1. Story Time! 

    So I pretty much outed myself at school today so that's fun. For convenience I'm calling the other two people involved Friend 1 (F1) and Friend 2 (F2). Some brief context: I wanna say a couple of weeks maybe a month before this my friends and I were joking around and saying what sexuality we gave off vibes for (wasn't the greatest thing we could've done but it's in the past now) and either F1 or my other friend (not F2) said I was asexual. I think I was still a bit unsure about my sexuality at this time. This other friend then messaged me later asking if I was actually ace or not. I said "I never said I was"


    Onto the story! Me and F1 were talking and she said that she found someone attractive. I disagreed with her and we went back and forth a bit talking about standards when she said that I was ace. I replied like I did above "I never said I was". I then asked her if she actually knew what the definition was and she said that it was when you reproduce by yourself (i think she was joking). She then started talking to F2 and F2 said the proper definition. She then asked if I was ace. I replied with you guessed it "I never said I was". She then asked if I was aromantic. By this point I was freaking out since I'm not ready to be out yet. She asked who I liked. I'm not sure if she meant a specific person or just which genders and at this point I'm too afraid to ask. I said no and then she said that made me aromantic (so if you just don't like anyone atm I guess you're aro???). I think she was trying to explain the defintions of ace and aro to F1 and got them a bit messed up so I ended up half shouting them so yeah!!!! I'm fucked. This was a long status update lol


    Edit: I want to add that the reason why I think I almost outed myself is because I got pretty defensive and acted like I was denying something that was true which I was in fact doing.

  2. Do people actually want to date fictional characters? Are they just joking when they say that or do they mean they want to date someone similar to the character? My sister was saying how she wanted to date this anime guy from a show we both like.


    She then proceeded to ask me who my ideal guy was or something along those lines to which I replied with "uhhhhhhhhh" while having alarm sirens go off in my head since I dont have a dream guy and don't even want one.


    She then told me her dream guy was taller than her even with heels one, which I know is an important factor for a lot of people it's just I don't really understand having a type based on appearances cause imagine you found the perfect guy, he's everything you could ever dream of but *gasp* he's the same height as you! I just don't get it.


    Sorry for the long ass status update

    1. Emerald Cheetah

      Emerald Cheetah

      I don't think I would ever "date" any anime character. Now, that doesn't mean I've never experienced any kind of attraction so to speak. There are a ton of aesthetically attractive characters in anime, that I just love to death. There's even this one character in a show that I like to say "I would burn the world for" because I know he's totally evil. But date?? nahhhh. That's wayyyy too extreme 🙃


      I certainly hope that people don't actually mean it when they say that they'd date those characters. Hopefully they're just confusing other attractions with romantic attractions. 

    2. aro_elise


      i get aro crushes on characters.  and if they were real, i'd date them as much as i'd date any real person, like not a romantic relationship, of course, but a sort i can imagine liking.  and i do have a type in terms of appearance, like certain characteristics i generally prefer (fun fact, i actually like guys my height or shorter, but it's not that important).  but that's a sexual attraction thing, which is probably why you can't relate.  

    3. BlueKumul


      If someone spends literally hours watching anime, the border between reality and on-screen stuff blurs. But then many people aren't as obsessed with the entertainment industry but still have fantasy lives and interact sexually with creations of their own imagination. Both can become unhealthy.

  3. I'm talking to my friend about his crush on one of our mutual friends and can i just say that I'm aro for this shit

  4. I've known for a long time that I don't want/can't see myself getting married in the future. I've said this aloud many times so its no secret but it's really annoying when the topic of marriage is brought up, I mention I don't want to get married and then my sister chimes in saying, "So you want to be alone for the rest of your life with like 20 cats?" Like.... Really? Just because I don't want to get married or be with someone romantically doesn't mean I want to be lonely. I just want to live with a friend or something who's in a similar situation.

    1. NotHeartless


      Oh, yes! I don't understand why people seem to bring up the "cat argument" often. There are various alternatives to not being on your own if you don't want to and marriage is out of question, not just ONE. Some don't seem to see or get that even though it would be better to look over the rim of one's own tea cup. Well, let them talk. I'm in the same boat as you and cannot see myself getting married (or wanting to do that at all).
      Welcome to our community, btw :hugs: :aropride:
      Ps: love your username, very creative

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