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  1. Hmm I wouldn’t per se say I was feeling broken, but most definitely somewhat different. I am not entirely sure but I think not really being "in love" is socially accepted, especially if you are an adolescent and your feelings won’t be taken seriously anyways. I think the main reason why I felt different was based in being ace. It was weird to always question whether I was straight or gay since I'm not attracted to anyone in that way. (-> I am in no way trying to say you are no aro enough because you aren't ace or anything!) And yeah I would assume people who aren't as in tune with themselves or simply don't know the term probably don't even realise they are Aro. Oh and it's probably really common not to realise it if one isn't ace. I am actually really impressed, if people figure out they are aro while being sexually attracted to people.
  2. I am asian-european and my family is quite open and lax about most things. Since I've never been in a relationship even thought I'm in my early 20ies I have had to put up with the somewhat comforting but awkward "It's okay if you are gay, you can tell us" talk from my little sister. I only recently realised I'm aroace and haven't told them yet since I live on my own. Apart from my family I guess people always just asumed I didnt date because I was too picky or too focused on my studies. Other parents may have credited my asian heritage for that but I'm not quite sure how it all intersects. I believe it to be possible that, as half asian, people dont think as much of the fact that I've been single forever as they might do with german friends and they just asume it's connected to a presumed garded and reseved upbringing. Well whatever I dont really care what randoms think and my closest friends know about me being aroace (tho they dont all reeeeeally understand it)
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