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  1. So, I know these aren't all the orientations you'll find out there, so just select whichever fits best I'm curious about how the statistics will be. ~Luca
  2. I have persistant depressive disorder, panic disorder and mild OCD diagnosed and suspect ADHD, anxiety disorder and being somewhat autistic.
  3. I believe that all religions and their gods exist to some extent. For me, there's this force we can't comprehend as humans, so we try to explain it away with religion. Some people prefer to have this whole force as their one and only God, others prefer to view it in it's different aspects, creating polytheistic religions. Personally, I like to picture this force as the Norse Gods, with me having worshipped them for years now, Loki in particular, since he helped me understand my gender and that one doesn't have to conform to what everyone wants you to be.
  4. False. TPBM wants to have a dragon.
  5. I think, queerbaiting is about specifically implying that a character is queer in order to get more LGBTQ+ viewers, whilst at the same time denying that the character is queer. If it is purely to get more viewers it's queerbaiting. If it's because they aren't allowed to show explicit LGBTQ+ content, but they still want to give the LGBTQ+ viewers something, it isn't, then they're just hinting. There are also some gray areas, where fans queer-code, despite it not having been intended, which is then often said to be queerbaiting. I don't know if you know Supernatural, but it's a common fandom for this type of gray area. On the one hand there are the fans claiming that Dean and Castiel should be together, with one of the actors making jokes about it and hinting about it, whilst also dropping some clues in the show that they could be together (e.g. other characters calling them 'boyfriends'). On the other hand, there are several confirmed LGBTQ+ characters in the show, which have been confirmed (e.g. Charlie <girl kissing another girl and saying men are 'not her type'>, Chuck <'Yeah, I had some girlfriends. Had a few boyfriends'>, characters shown as both male and female <e.g. Raphael, Castiel, Hannah>, and various gay couples), which would make queerbaiting in the form of 'Destiel' useless -- they already have queer characters, so they don't need to 'bait' anyone. Clear queerbaiting is seen in Harry Potter, with JK Rowling claiming that Albus Dumbledore is gay, despite there having been no evidence in the books and now just ignoring his and Grindelwald's relationship in the movies. Many people might have gone into the cinemas, hoping to see their relationship at least hinted at... but nothing. In such a case, this revelation was for profit, since they could have easily made Dumbledore gay in the movies as well. Not queerbaiting would be Oscar Isaac saying that he would have loved for his character in StarWars (Poe Dameron) to be with Finn. That wasn't allowed because Disney feared that they would loose profit that way, instead adding a scene of a second with two girls kissing, which could easily be edited out of the movie in countries like Singapore. This was just Oscar Isaac voicing his opinion, never once hinting at the relationship coming up in the movie. Also not queerbaiting would be the show 'Good Omens', where you can interpret the main characters (Aziraphale and Crowley) as being in a relationship, since it's been clearly stated that neither are male (in fact, both have no gender, whilst usually presenting male, with some exceptions for Crowley, who had been shown in typical women's clothes), along with the author saying that you can interpret them however you want -- male and gay or non-binary and asexual and aromantic. Since it is made clear that they will not be confirmed in a relationship, whilst having the opportunity to imagine whatever you want, this is just the author giving you the freedom to decide, not wanting to label the characters, instead of queerbaiting. Well, this is how I see queerbaiting. Hope this cleared everything up. Feel free to disagree!
  6. The latest thing that happened: We were in English class and analyzing adds. In one add there was this guy with just a towel around his waist and my teacher proceded to ask all the females about the sex-appeal that add had and if we thought anything when they had shown a towel being dropped,,, because obviously everyone with XX-Chromosomes had to feel attracted to that man. My friend knows that I'm Aro/Ace tho and we just proceded to laugh about what our teacher was saying, because I had,,, like,,, totally missed the towel dropping, never mind that he was supposed to look "sexy" 😅
  7. The Ace flag has the following stripes: black, grey, white and purple which are supposed to represent allosexuals, ace-spec, asexuals and community. If the Ace flag can have a stripe for allosexuals, what is the problem with the (unofficial) aro-flag having a stripe for aro-spec folks. There's nothing bad about including them. They're not harming the community or anything. And if this is such a big problem, maybe you should just ignore the meaning of the flag's stripes and use it as the Aro flag it is...
  8. I haven't seen a poll like this yet, but I was quite curious, because to me it seemed as if there are an above-average amount of fellow enbys on here.
  9. In general, to be a different gender than the one you were assigned at birth you have to at least feel a disconnection to your birth sex. For most people this is dysphoria. There are different times of dysphoria: Social dysphoria (feeling sick and/or wrong when referred to as your birth sex) and body dysphoria (feeling wrong/sick with your sex characteristics). Some also say that there's mind dysphoria, which is when you refer to yourself as your birth sex and feel sick. Personally, I believe, that you would need to feel dysphoric in order to be some form of transgender -- binary or non-binary. In general, take your time to figure things out. Experiment to see what you're most comfortable with. I wish you the best of luck, figuring it out!
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