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  1. Low-Key Crushes Were Probably Squishes

    Disclaimer - I have no idea what I'm saying and I could very easily be entirely stupid. feel free to ignore me or question what I say. make sense of things for yourself, not for what others think. why do you want to be romantic? that could be the very reason why you are! remember, harry potter didn't want to be in slytherin. and that was exactly what made him not one. his choice was just as important in determining who he was, as his underlying personality. just because "it isn't a choice" doesn't mean that our choices don't influence who we are. it is both but also neither. idk how to say it... if you got a squish and it turns into an emotional tie with the person. if you want that to be romantic and special - why can't it be? you don't need to choose who you are based off what some wiki said to you. wiki explanations.. definitions.. they are guides to understanding. but just like you need to really explore use-cases of effect v. affect to understand the meaning, you need to explore who you are to understand yourself as well. you don't like what the wiki says? there is a reason - and find that. let your intuition guide you to realize yourself. if your intuition is to trust logic - then so be it. if your intuition is to distrust some definition - so be it. you don't have to be romantic to be romantic. many romantics aren't very romantic at all. many romantics are very romantic but not very infatuational. there's a broad range of what romance and sexuality means to anyone in the world. the cliche definitions are nothing but broad sweeps to try to find some overlying similarity - the more abstract the definition the more it is all-encompassing, the more detailed it is the more it doesn't address certain people. I'm some kind of not-romantic not-aromantic weirdo. I don't usually got crushes tho sometimes I do. but anyway the point is - I don't fit the normal definition of "romantic person" and I could go my whole life alone and be perfectly happy and I know it. but I intend to have a partner some day and whether that is an aromantic close friendship or a romantic love, I'll find a way to make it work. in the end - that is what really matters, not some random label word that has no meaning unless I give it meaning.
  2. Corrupt a Wish

    wish granted - but the store is so crowded there's literally a traffic jam and no one can move for hours. i wish to be washing my dishes right now instead of avoiding it.
  3. Is this place AVEN Lite?

    come, join us. you are welcome to belong here.
  4. General site suggestions

    it has always confused me why the "newest content" section shows the thread with the newest post, but rather than show who posted it, shows the thread. I'd expect either that there is the newest created thread there with the thread creator, or the most recent updated thread with showing the newest poster who posted in it.
  5. Corrupt a Wish

    Granted. Here ya go: I wish for more patience.
  6. Give the worst description Possible

    an ex-con who's way too stoic for his own good is certainly quite odd. He lives in mansion with no furniture and shoots his own car.
  7. Count to one million 🐭

  8. Be the newest comment

  9. Things you've never understood about romance

    this is so true it all makes sense now. wait, no it doesn't, never mind. I'm still confused why people who aren't youre romantic partner care so much about you telling them you love them. but at least some of it is more making sense now...
  10. What are you thinking?

    internally side a - "mmm that was a lovely nap" internal side b - " well there goes half my afternoon and my sleep schedule" round 1 - Fight!
  11. The general confessions thread.

    i confess my back hurts and i feel unmotivated and i'm wallowing in it.
  12. What is the meaning of life?

    imo: follow your passions. tho, for some peopole it's difficult to identify passion. trying new things can be away to find passoni.
  13. Teagan? It`s me. I took a few months off to heal mentally, and then I decided to join here for some reason.

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    3. Ace of Amethysts

      Ace of Amethysts

      Also, please don`t hurt me. :)

    4. cute kitty Meow! Mewo!

      cute kitty Meow! Mewo!

      I hope I don't! how would I hurt you? I don't understand why you say it. i'm sorry if I've hurt you in the past... 

  14. Aromantic Moments

    stumbled upon a vid titled "the perfect anime" and mildly curious checked it out. the intro, the guy convinces me about how most people have an anime which they've seen and something about it really connects for them, and how despite possible flaws to them they just find it to be wonderful. he says these are, for that person, the perfect anime, and I'm like, ok yeah! I get that. then he stays he's found one for him, and I'm getting kinda interested like, curious, I wonder what the anime is like. and he starts describing it, about how it's a film about star cross lovers who learn about each other vicariously and how it's about the dreamlike quality of adolescent fancy. and I'm like, "lol sounds horrid!"
  15. opposition to the term non-binary

    let me quote wikipedia: trans people are literally a cross of gender roles. trans people live a life where either they allow themselves to be perceived as a strange mix between masculinity and femininity, despite the fact that cis people are the same kind of mix in their personality anyway and don't get the same judgment, or a trans person must hide all of the signs of their born sex and purposefully embellish their identifies gender in order to fit in with the gender binary. Transgender people inherently do not fit in The Gender Binary, they are people whos self identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male and female gender. Even a non-transgender transsexual does not fit in The Gender Binary, because as a person who feels as if they belong to the opposite sex, they are crossing gender roles. The Gender Binary expects men to be masculine and women to be feminine. as long as the meaning of nonbinary means not a part of the gender binary, then it is inherently an ideologistic term because it is a classification of all people who are outside of The Gender Binary. this is a description of what it means to say that a word describes people who don't fit with the structure known as the gender binary. that statement declares that it is an ideologic classification. if people agreed with the ideology of the gender ginary, then they would try to be masculine if they are men and try to be feminine if they are women. but since they do not, and classify themselves as nonbinary, they are inherently stating that they do not conform to an historic paradigm, and are therefore by nature making an ideologic declaration. and, trans people are part of this, if this is what nonbinary means, then even people who name themselves "cis" are nonbinary, because they are using classification words that are not part of the archaic paradigm we've titled The Gender Binary.