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  1. 1858 I can't believe that enough people had the attention span to count this high. ☺️
  2. So... I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation today and I don't know, but I guess I always thought Captain Picard was (maybe) aro? He's had love interests in the past but I thought he might have just been confused. Well anyway, I was watching the episode Qpid where his love interest from the past season comes back *, and he's TOTALLY IN LOVE. Like 100%! This kind of totally crushed me because I always liked him for being the LEAST romantic character on Star Trek. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? * For people who haven't seen Star Trek: The Next Generation: Captain Picard is one of the least romantic people ever. And now it turns out he was just being professional and hiding his feelings...
  3. EDIT: things have changed. Sorry for the confusion everyone.
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