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  1. Interesting. I'll have to watch it
  2. 1858 I can't believe that enough people had the attention span to count this high. ☺️
  3. So... I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation today and I don't know, but I guess I always thought Captain Picard was (maybe) aro? He's had love interests in the past but I thought he might have just been confused. Well anyway, I was watching the episode Qpid where his love interest from the past season comes back *, and he's TOTALLY IN LOVE. Like 100%! This kind of totally crushed me because I always liked him for being the LEAST romantic character on Star Trek. Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing? * For people who haven't seen Star Trek: The Next Generation: Captain Picard is one of the least romantic people ever. And now it turns out he was just being professional and hiding his feelings...
  4. Hey all, I'm new to Arocalypse. I've had an AVEN account for a little while, but I wanted to make one here too. Recently I've realized I have DID. Only two alters, so not super extreme, but wondering if anyone else here can relate? Thanks, Red Ivy
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