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    First thank you so much for answering! I don't know if the terms I use are the right one, English is not my first language. 😅 Tbh, I don't think I actually understand what a romantic feeling is... I've tried reading about it but it doesn't make sense to me 😅... As for "crushes", I've had a "crush" on guys I find good looking but I think only the looks attracted me. I couldn't see myself in a relationship with them tho.
  2. I have questions about crush and aromantism. How would you define a crush? Is it obligatory a romantic attraction? Can it be also a physical attraction? Can physical attraction still be an aromantic trait? (I'm new to this and still trying to understand where I stand, I hope your answers will be able to help me!)
  3. Hey people! I'm currently trying to discover where I stand in this spectrum (I think I belong to the aro spectrum, but I'm still not a 100% sure), therefore I hope this community and you people's experience will help me understand my feelings better.
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