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  1. We are putting together a collection of aro thoughts and experiences. As you may or may not know, the 'R' in AUREA stands for recognition, and we want to recognize just what it means to be aromantic. Being aromantic is such a personal thing, and there’s so much more to it then can be summed up by a simple definition like “experiences little to no romantic attraction". We want to showcase that. Write about your identity, a dream, a reality, or simply what it’s like to you to be aromantic. This piece will be titled 'My Aromanticism', and you can click the link for more detail and/or to submit an entry: https://forms.gle/c9z5YBPL4ZTupKoU9
  2. Heads up, everyone: AUREA has a dedicated account on Arocalypse (this one). 👍

  3. We've made an AUREA-specific account (this one) to respond to anyone on Arocalypse from now on. This is to make it easier for you all to talk to the Team and understand what's coming from the official organization and what's just coming from us as individuals. You can ping the Team by typing @AUREA.
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