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  1. I just can’t tell anymore if I experience romantic attraction or not, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be feeling if I do experience it all
  2. ThatGhostBoy


    I used to be really sure about being a romantic but now I’m not. Lately I’ve been having dreams where I’m in a relationship and they’re so great. Does disliking relationship nicknames, romantic movies, and being unable to understand the concept of monogamy/long term relationships make me aro or arospec or allo? I can’t tell and I’m just confused
  3. When my friends were dating they would do even more pda when I asked them to stop so I can’t relate
  4. You should listen to “I don’t love you” by My Chemical Romance, “I don’t love you like I did yesterday” is a line in the chorus
  5. There’s no need to rush. Maybe you are a late bloomer, but maybe you’re aromantic. You’re just gotta wait it out and see what happens. Or maybe think about how you would feel about a romantic relationship.
  6. Hey everybody my name is Leviathan and I’m new. I id as aromantic and heteroflexible and I know zero aromantics irl so I’m looking to find some people to relate to
  7. Hello I’m new and I really need aro friends as I am aro and have none

    1. DavidMS703


      Hi. I also need aro friends. I'm not sure where in the US you are,I'm in central NY state, but we can definitely talk online.

    2. Krispy™


      same here, im in RI but id love to talk online if you want :-))))


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