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  1. Any concept was invented by an individual, and this individual should be credited rather than a community.
  2. I am aroallo, so definitely yes! It looks more joyful than the yellow-white-grey aro flag I've seen before. I've also made an "arrows" version: Aroaces already have a different flag, this one is strictly for aroallos.
  3. Back when I was religious I interpreted them as songs about love of God.
  4. Would Maeve and Sinbad in the Canadian adventure series count as a QPR couple? Also, for non-asexuals, is there sexual desire involved?
  5. This is also a fine point. For example a robot is gender neutral, but not androgynous. In my case though, androgynous works pretty well. I have some masculine traits like interest in warfare, and some feminine traits like need for emotional expression.
  6. AFAIK QPR is only for two people, it's exclusive and thus I see it as a kind of pair bonding. Stuff like "thinking all day about the other" or "butterflies" is not present in people who have been married for 20 years, but you wouldn't deny their relationship is romantic. Speaking oddly to one's boyfriend or girlfriend? I don't think it's common at all! We have to separate the essential concept of pair bonding (which traditionally leads to marriage) from pop-culture cruft surrounding it.
  7. @nonmerci Isn't that just romance in denial?
  8. I know about intersex but it's quite rare so thinking too much about it distracts from the fundamental facts. You don't have 71 sexes like Facebook wants you to believe. Can you give me examples of non-binary behaviour or presentation that is not androgynous or gender neutral? I think my behaviour and presentation are quite neutral with some masculine bent in some aspects. That's a good point. What the point of gender without sex? Wouldn't it be like a sub-culture then?
  9. Banned for not being scary enough
  10. In your experience, is friends with benefits a common arrangement? I mean, actual close friends having sex without getting into a romantic relationship.
  11. I think it was very popular for Missionary Generation people (born in late 19th century) to devote themselves to a job and see it in a very idealistic way. BTW many of them never married, saying they don't have time for that because idealism and work were so important to them.
  12. Generation Z doesn't exist, they are either late wave millennials or early wave generation alpha.
  13. There are no two people with the same worldview, but I wanted to say the board would benefit from having more people whose moral ideas are based e.g. on fairness
  14. I choose friends with healthy, wholesome personalities, open minds and some level of idealism. Quality of interaction is important, so that I can talk a lot and don't get shocked or bored to death and don't feel awkward. Having standards is important, but applying them rigorously can result in being either vengeful or overly legalistic, and ending a good friendship for a stupid reason. Usually women are more compatible with me than men, cos many men don't understand my lack of interest in archetypically masculine activities or my desire to talk about emotions. The main issue I have with my friends is that it's difficult to spend time together IRL because they always prefer to spend free time with their romantic partners. But also I found them really emotionally helpful whenever I really need them. I needed some time to find my true friends.
  15. Haha, I always thought romance and monogamy were akin to slavery. William Blake understood this well, when he was describing two kinds of love. Spiritual love (agape): Love seeketh not itself to please Nor for itself hath any care But for another gives its ease And builds a heaven in hells despair Possessive romantic love: Love seeketh only self to please To bind another to its delight Joys in another's loss of ease And builds a hell in heavens despite So the problem is, humans know this and yet cannot help themselves out of this prison. (At least interpreting Blake in this way is my aromantic moment 😜 )
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