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  1. what a joke this was lmfao probably my best troll ever now how do i remove this acc


  2. Just think of any taboo bingo card with anything against being aro and boom, you got everyone's reaction to me
  3. (I actually didn't see the reaction until now), I know dw
  4. 0 acceptance from nobody (irl) :]
  5. oh hey finally found out how to use status updates


  6. Knew something was weird with me since I was 10, never knew the term until 4 months ago, so 14 was the actual time of discovery
  7. It's probably due to all the amatonormativity I've been exposed to, but I fear that when I'll be around 30(?) I'll only find myself completely alone. 'Lotta social anxiety, extreme romance repulsion, fear of any kind of animal means I'll probably find myself as the only one in my house. Plus all the QPP thing to me still holds a somewhat romantic feel to it and due to the romance repulsion part I talked about it's impossible to think about it as an opportunity. Anyone else here having issues regarding this? I can expand later on this so yeah (I wrote this in 5 mins anyways)
  8. "You're misanthropic" - my friend
  9. eh thanks but no i hate ice cream
  10. ty for the welcome, speedcubing's basically solving twisty puzzles (generally rubiks cubes and variations) quickly
  11. well hello there my name's azure and i'm 14 (near 15), italian and on the arospec (unsure about the precise details though) and very (x2) romance repulsed, also kinda have social anx but yeah dont rly have many interests, main ones are speedcubing and nintendo ds games, other than that nothing much tbh hope to have a decent time here :]
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