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  1. On the whole it's been positive, only one person, a work colleague asked if that was really a thing and after I pointed her to the right websites and the equality laws it was all good.
  2. Screwing my face up at slushy love scenes...long after I was 10! (No pun intended ..)
  3. PS @Azxre, the angry face means I'm angry at your friends comment ...not you.
  4. Someone posted this on another site and it's my favourite at present.
  5. Where do I start? Suffice to say I don't go for films that have romances in them...I'm firmly in the action movie side.
  6. Ring and index fingers on left hand are equal in length but on the right hand the ring to get is longer than the I was finger. Agendered aroace here.
  7. I went to see The Fly in the 1980s and deeply regretted having pizza beforehand.
  8. Chandrakirti

    No more humans

    No more cigars....😊 Ike Eisenhower
  9. Can't highlight the passage, but if you're running through the sheets....I'd love to bring my camera!😊👍
  10. Totally agree with @Apathetic Echidna....children are seen as must-have accessories, much in the way Staffies and Chihuahuas are. Then...they haven't a clue or an interest in putting in the effort to give these poor children a life.
  11. I'm probably one of those whose shutters come down when I see a plethora of anything, labels included. Also, renowned for skim reading.😆
  12. Why do we need a word for that? Probably because it helps some folk ( not all) to place themselves in the scheme of things.
  13. Yes, when I was younger, 'friends' would always sideline when they got a new partner...not just sidelining aroace me, but the romantic sexual friends as well. I always made it a point to move on, folk only get one chance!
  14. Probably yes, as the title of the thread says, because the sounding board will have been the established romantic view.
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