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  1. As well as calling a purely sexual relationship/series of hookups a "Friends With Benefits" whilst deliberately trying to avoid actually being friends. There's also those who seem unable to be single. They'd rather be in a poor (even abusive) relationship. The reception bit as a big party sort of makes sense. But the rest of it.... Even where it adds little to characters or plot. When they have no control over these characters. Not like they are LARP or tabletop RPG characters. Not sure you could call it a "one on one meet up to see if you might be interested in kissing, sex, Shibari, etc with me later" though
  2. BDSM Relationships

    I've found that my local scene can be very couple centric. To the point that many events are very much "couplefests".
  3. Aromantic Moments

    I'd tend to see such games as being a fairly safe space to challenge normative assumptions.
  4. Role playing game

    Most systems are fairly good at combat, unsurprising given that this kind of gaming evolved from tabletop war gaming. That being said you can certainly use D&D5E or its rival Pathfinder you can create characters who's best skills are bluff, diplomacy, disguise, intimidate , stealth, etc. There's also the concept of non lethal damage. Spells such as "hold person" are not going to kill anyone either.
  5. Role playing game

    Probably far too much Basic D&D rulebook is http://media.wizards.com/2016/downloads/DND/PlayerBasicRulesV03.pdf There are quite a few preprepared games available online. Such as http://www.wizards.com/dnd/files/Khybers_Harvest.zip There's an online character creator page at http://www.orcpub.com/
  6. Aromanticism and depression

    The obvious problem with 'I'm just not ready' is that aros will never be ready for a romantic relationship. Could 'Why is it so hard to just be friends?' mean something like they desire sexual friendships, sensual friendships, queer platonic friendships or something other than purely platonic friendships?
  7. Aromanticism and depression

    I've, unfortunately, observed something similar happening with aro forums. Especially the largest aro group on Facebook. Where I can find myself apparently the "wrong kind of aro" is wanting to stick with the dictionary definition of "platonic" which is fairly narrow. Rather than trying to use it to mean "not romantic". As well as not being ace, touch repulsed, kiss repulsed, anti PDA, anti dating, etc. The few studies which have been done have come back with at least 1.5% (The highest being 6%, IIRC) Even one per thousand (0.1%) would be literally millions of people. What few "aro meet ups" exist are de facto "aro & ace meet ups". I suspect that the vast majority of aros are utterly convinced that they either "suck at relationships" and/or "havn't met the one yet". With there being no easy way for them to encounter even the concept of "aromantic".
  8. QPR vs PLP

    The latter sounds like a very specific subset of the former. Even without romance the Life Partnership concept dosn't sound appealing. I'd much rather have a wide, and varied, circle of friends than anything singular.
  9. Feeling Left Behind...

    From my POV it's how much you can find yourself excluded from if you are not in (or interested being in) a couple.
  10. From my POV Kissing != romance. Lack of kissing != lack of romance. To me the two person gestalt seems to have a lot in common with romance. Indeed it's things like merger, "two become one", "other half", etc which I find squicky about romantic relationships.
  11. The wording has a curious asymetry. I'm wondering if they have tried to counter the myths of all aces being also aro and all aros also being ace. In the process managing to erase aro aces
  12. Quite similar for me. Physical touch, hugging, kissing, cuddling, nibbling, stroking, etc is something I very much enjoy. It's also something I'd ideally want to be able to do with trusted friends. That's just ewwwgh!. As well as "Why are you talking and not kissing?" Though I'd be fine with "This is fun." or "I enjoy spending time with you." The romantic and/or exclusivity thing is a hard limit for me though. Bored is not as bad as feeling repulsed or that something good has become tainted. Or maybe they are less into kissing than you. Even seeing it as a step towards something else, rather than enjoyable for it's own sake. (Why is it "foreplay" rather than just "play"?)
  13. Relationship Anarchy

    I found a few other possibly useful resources. http://www.thejillofalltradesblog.com/relationship-anarchy-what-it-is-and-why-its-awesome/ https://theestablishment.co/relationship-anarchy-takes-the-judgment-out-of-love-96a9a7af9954 https://goodmenproject.com/gender-sexuality/relationship-anarchy-basics-jvinc/ http://journal.richard.levitte.org/entries/relationship-anarchy/ http://www.thejillofalltradesblog.com/relationship-anarchy-what-it-is-and-why-its-awesome/ http://livingwithinreason.com/2014/11/20/consent-based-relationships/ http://livingwithinreason.com/2015/10/29/polyamory-vs-relationship-anarchy/ Especially the first comment. https://kinkcraft.co/2017/01/relationship-anarchy/ http://heartlessharless.tumblr.com/post/103091378930/aromanticism-and-how-relationship-anarchy-can The term "Relationship Escalator" is the most used. I've also heard "relationship conveyor belt".
  14. Relationship Anarchy

    Possibly that's what it's intended to mean here. Maybe someone who knows Swedish can comment on what Andie Nordgren wrote.
  15. Feeling Left Behind...

    Have you encountered the concept of Relationship Anarchy? The non hierarchical and varied view of relationships dosn't appear to entirely be an aro thing. Even though it may be more common amongst us. Seems like I've always though of this as a poor way to treat people.