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  1. Ya, I'm trying to look at it from a different perspective, and so far it's working for me. I'm slowly becoming able to read them without to much trouble. I think it'll just take time.
  2. I'm actually trying to figure out if I want to come out. And if I do, then how? My friend confessed to me, and I tried to explain how I don't feel those emotions in connection to me. But I think I messed up, because later that day, he wanted to know if I "thought about it". I was like, "yes, I already told you no." And now I'm worried. I'm worried that he still has hope, and that he's just going to hurt himself. I'm also worried about talking to him, because I don't know what I did to make him think I was interested, so how will I know how to avoid it? I think coming out would be good, but I'm also nervous. I tried talking to my mom, but she told me to wait and "not make any rash decisions". Like, what about that is rash? I am also worried because if I do decide to come out, how? How do I explain to people about what I am, without it seeming like an excuse not to be with this person?
  3. So, I recently found out that I'm Aromantic. More specifically, I'm Autochorisromantic/Aegoromantic. I never had to even think about this stuff (never really thought about romance in connection to me), but recently I had to let someone down. Now this isn't about that, it's just a reference type thing. Anyway. Now that I'm more aware of how I feel about romance in connection with me, I feel slightly weird reading/watching story's/movies I was fine with before. I almost feel guilty reading/watching them. Like, I'm not repulsed by romance in, like, movies or books. I just don't like it connected to me. Will this last forever? Or will the almost guilt like feeling continue? Anyone have any suggestions for me?
  4. thats good, I hope it helps her.
  5. I think it depends on the person. Me, I would have loved to know about this before, especially the different types. I never connected it to me, because I like reading and watching romance movies. And to know that there is a type of Aromantic that is like that. That was amazing. But make sure you don't say "you are..." Or "your more than likely..." Because those two sentences tend to bring people's walls up. Just send her a link to an information site (like this one) and tell her to look it up. At least, that's what would have worked best w me.
  6. Yes, I did make excuses at first. And I tried to be what I thought was "normal", but when I realized that I was actually hurting myself by doing this, that was when I started to look into what was going on. Your probably right in the fact of she hasn't connected the dots. I mean, it took several panic attacks for me to even consider it. Also, I am glad as well. It feels like I don't have a weight on my shoulders anymore.
  7. I found this site and realized I'm not broken.
  8. Ya, it was confusing at first. I knew that being aro was a thing, but because something like this has never come up, I never needed to study it before. But now that I have, so many things make sense now.
  9. I believe I'm aro because of something that recently happened to me. I have this friend (not going to say their name), who wanted to be more with me. I said yes, mainly because I thought I might like him too. Only problem, is that I've never liked anyone before. I've never even had a celebrity crush. I tried, I really did. But after that happened, I ended up having a panic attack. And sense it was after he dropped me off, I ended up having several of them. I finally ended up being able to sleep, but after I woke up and saw he messaged me, I had another panic attack. I tried thinking about what was the problem, and then I realized that I had been ignoring what my body was telling me. I didn't like kissing, I felt it was weird, and I wanted to scrub my mouth out after. I also did not like the hugs or holding hands. I tried thinking about being in a relationship in general, and all I could feel was panic. The only reason why I thought it was normal was because I heard people saying stuff about "nerves" and "butterflies in the stomach". But, I realized that it wasn't that. It was pure panic. I realized that I couldn't continue with it, and I explained it to him. He said he understood, but I'm afraid he thinks this is just nerves over being in a relationship. I don't think it is. I wasn't sad that the relationship ended, I was glad. The only reason why I was sad, was because I knew I was going to hurt him. I don't know where I am on the spectrum yet, but I feel like I'm very firmly in the not liking being romanced. I like watching it, and reading about it. But I don't like it happening to me.
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