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    she/her & ae/aer (singular) (https://pronoun.is/ae)
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  1. That's fascinating! My romantic orientation is one of the only things I'm not fluid about, tbh, but I often find it difficult to pinpoint. I'm definitely in the quoi-/WTF-ro general area, but there's also a whole mess of feelings about wanting some kind of romance but not actually caring enough about it to seek it out, and eventually the whole thing just collapses into a big shrug for me. An "if it happens, it happens, but I really don't care" mentality. But I love that it's relevant to your experience as well. Pretty sure I'm also shrug-gender some days, tbh. SHRUG IS THE HOT NEW PREFIX, IN STORES NOW; SHRUG ABOUT EVERYTHING WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS Oh, too bad! I just took the survey and wrote it in, though!
  2. New word: shrugromantic Do I want romance? *shrug* Do I not want romance? *shrug* Do I understand what romance is? *shrug* Do I experience romantic attraction? s h r u g
  3. fae


    Nice to meet you, Christian! What do you like to write (if you don't mind me asking)?
  4. All of these depend a lot on context for me. I hate hugging strangers—I need to have at least strong affection if not genuine emotional intimacy to be okay with hugging, and even then it's usually more for their benefit or as a way to express or respond to emotions of some kind. There's only one person in my life rn I'm okay with cuddling (my best friend, who is honestly more of a QPP), and that's... It's nice, but it gets a little boring, and it's mostly for her benefit. I don't hate it with her, and sometimes I like it, but it's kinda meh. I have mixed feelings about kissing. It grosses me out if I think about it too much or if it's too...wet. But I also like kissing (including French kissing) in certain more physically intimate contexts. I've also done it for other people's benefit outside that context, and that's fine, but it pretty much only has the one purpose if it's for my benefit. Then again, I'm romance favorable and allosexual, so. Might be a little different for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. fae

    Hi. :-)

    Thanks so much, @running.tally!! Your pronouns are also really great, BTW.
  6. Hey! I go by Fae, I'm 20, and I use she/her and ae/aer pronouns (use both, please). I've been identifying as demiquoiromantic, but I just found idemromantic, and that seems to fit me a lot better. WTFromantic is cool too. I'm also bi and genderqueer. Otherwise, books and endangered/dying language are my favorite things. I write, edit, and read a ton, and I'm conversational in Irish (which may sometimes slip into what I write here). I just found this site last night, and I've been looking for some aro-spec community lately, so I'm really excited about it. I'm out as bi, and like...apathetically halfway out as aro-spec. Question(s) for folks: is it at all a thing to absolutely *adore* romance stories and tropes (the cheesier the better) despite being aro-spec? Like, I love it so much. Also, though, I've found that in fandom I'm really fluid and unattached/unbothered by specific ships. Like, if it's a good story that stays away from anything too toxic, I can ship basically anyone for the duration of a story (canon or fic). Relatable or nah?
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