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  1. Hello, I just recently joined like five seconds ago. I was having a conversation with my friend about stuff and doing some research I came across the term Aromantic and looking into it just... Clicked and I almost cried. But I'm still so confused and after doing some research I'm still confused so is it okay if I ask some questions here? Different articles have different opinions and go back and forth so I don't know where I really fit. So I always wanted a relationship or appreciated relationships in the past but when I got into one I felt.. trapped, and terrified. The thought of giving my space away to someone, or touching, kissing, whatever just made me I'll to my stomach. So I ended them quickly but I still searched for them for a need to connect with someone, but without all the kissing and everything else. I also don't think I've actually really loved someone minus my dog. Even parents, I just felt I was missing something, or just wrong. I just feel I'm missing a connection with someone I guess, lost is the word but the thought of getting in a relationship terrifies me and makes me ill. I never was one for touching and hugging, pda to me has always been gross, and I've never really been attracted to anyone. I like both guys and girls equally, but never really sexually. Any time I've done something it's only been with really close friends, and in the end I never felt what I think love should feel? Nor did I really wanna spend a lot of time with them after. I need to go and spend time in my room to recharge. Am I Aromantic? Or am I just something else? Sorry if this is all jumbled and confused. I have been reading the threads here but I'm still not sure where I stand in this.
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