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  1. After much thinking regarding it, I've decided to revert back to my first name of Lianne. I don't recommend asking why, but in a nutshell it's for personal reasons and something I need to do for me, but you are welcome to ask why to receive an indepth psychological essay if you wish! 😁😁😁. I will be altering my display name when possible to reflect this.

  2. Yep, I feel you! The only reason why I agreed to be in a QPR is to make do with a bad societal situation, and even then it does trigger my romance-repulsion. But at the same time, I'd like some sort of committed lived community where we can share running a house and even adopt kids and give them a loving home etc.
  3. Is it not possible to include pictures that don't have a weblink? I'm not very techno savy sorry. All I understand is uploading pictures from device and that isn't an option. I wanted to start a pet-oriented thread but then realised I couldn't upload a picture of my dog!
  4. I do sympathise with people who question the need for labels. Personally I prefer seeing them as descriptors, and if useful in self-knowledge or for explaining then fine, if they cause more confusion I generally question them!!! Though if you then need to explain the definition it can defeat the point, or on the contrary it could help put words into otherwise clueless mouths (I for one have relied on subterms to help put words to what I'm experiencing, for me the likes of aplatonic, romance-repulsed, etc etc have helped word my experiences and feelings). But yeah, some glossaries are headachy and so probably counterproductive!!!!!! Just my two cents 😀
  5. Welcome! Nice to meet you 😁
  6. Welcome! I also have the same reaction to PDAs!
  7. I'm in a QPR with a homoromantic woman who is keen to make a point about us "being together", and talks of "breaking the news to my parents" etc etc, but all this makes me cringe and I've been dragging my feet on the topic feeling uncomfortable about it but clueless as to how to explain this uncomfortableness (is that a word???), but it has always been very hard to put into words to explain how I feel (something I am useless at and why I find forums like this so much help as others can help give me the words to describe). But I recently saw a link on Facebook (here) that I read and was like, "this is totally what I want in life". I just don't see the need to make such a song and dance about sharing life events with a friend (or two). How have others set up more serious friendships without making them on a par with romantic relationships (which everyone will see it as if we announce that we're "together", which makes me even more uncomfortable)? Thanks
  8. Regarding platonic being non-physical that largely depends on the culture, probably right down to the microculture for example a group of straight cis-males in a very straight cis-male working culture at work would definitely not be physically affectionate, whereas a group of very straight cis-females might be more huggy and kissy with their friends, in the same way that some families are more huggy and kissy, and then you have everything in between. I do wonder though how "hug-starved" we are as a society if we rely so much on romance relationships for them.
  9. THE NEXT TUESDAY EVENING AT THE EGG CAFE: 20 AUGUST 2019, 7PM Our regular Tuesday evening a-spec meet at Egg Cafe, 7pm. Unfortunately it's a bit later in the month than I originally wanted, but with holidays and other commitments this is the first Tuesday evening available. As usual, if you need to contact me on the day the number is 07594607252. I will keep you updated where we are in the cafe on the night. OUR NEXT MEET: SUGAR AND DICE BOARD GAME CAFE SUNDAY 11 AUGUST, 2PM. Please RSVP ASAP for numbers thanks. Later on in the month: SATURDAY 24TH AUGUST, 2PM, Egg Cafe SATURDAY 31ST AUGUST, 12.30PM Manchester Day trip with Manchester AVEN. I am planning on travelling from Liverpool Lime Street to get into Manchester Piccadilly circa 12.30. I'm not the actual organiser and there's a post here specific to it. If you could RSVP so I can let the organiser know thanks. I'll let you know nearer the date what train I'll be getting if you'd like to join me at Liverpool Lime Street earlier (or just make your own way there)
  10. A best friend platonic relationship (remember how close you (possibly) were with your best friend(s) at school), well ideally I want that level of intimate platonic relationship; however happy to work out a QPR also. Basically depends on the circumstances. This is me all over. I want the closeness of childhood friendships that society has relegated by prioritising romantic relationships. Basically, friendships but before they were sidelined by other commitments (that are usually romantic relationship based). @Mirrorreaper The change in society to small family units based on monogamous romantic pairings is really interesting to reflect on, and I also wonder if this arrangement then aggravates the problem because the romantic couples are straining to work independently as a unit and then feel like they have to prioritise their friendships to concentrate on this. It would be nice to see some research in this.
  11. I feel you. Can't give much advice because I'm atrocious at romantic relationships, I'm struggling enough with being in a QPR with a homoromantic woman who has been trying to understand aromanticism and is suppressing her romantic affections. She says 'I love you' and I know she is meaning platonically, but I know it is more than that and it also makes me uncomfortable as I feel like I'll be leading her on or giving mixed messages if I reciprocate.
  12. I have been in multiple romantic relationships and presently attempting a QPR with a homoromantic woman. My past pattern that is on repeat is: have intimate platonic need/feel platonically lonely... start romantic relationship because they are cool or I enjoy their company... ok for the first "best friend" bit but as it gets more romantically intense I start to feel suffocated... break up with them usually badly with no explanation, the usual clueless "it's me not you" argument... after around 6-12 months have intimate platonic need/feel platonically lonely... I'm starting to feel like a record on repeat 😥. I'm romance-repulsed aro but far from aplatonic unfortunately. I crave the best friend relationships I had back before they were sidelined. Basically if I'm with a man I end up feeling like a straight man who enjoys their company trying to function in a romantic relationship with the man. The same in terms of any other gender, with a woman feel like a straight woman etc etc. It never ends well.
  13. It could be platonic attraction and you could be romance-neutral (esp if you're neutral to the type of relationship it is). Anyway, if you are romance-neutral aro or you are some sort of greyro (like quoiromantic) the result will most probably be sort of the same. And as for any relationship platonic or romantic communication is crucial - hope it all works out and there is a happy platonic or romantic ending 😁
  14. Greetings from Liverpool, UK 😁. You sound very creative. I've played around with poetry myself (I wouldn't say I write poetry).
  15. I'm romance repulsed, especially towards me personally. I don't mind a little in the media (be it book, film, music or something else), and can even find the idea in theory beautiful, like I'd poetically see other aspects of life as beautiful; but then I get seriously bored of it and wonder why no other aspect of life is given such centre stage. It's one of the reasons why I got into rock and folk music for the variety of topics for the lyrics. It is also one of my biggest barriers to keeping up a romantic relationship with someone, however much I like their company etc, I end up feeling suffocated by the intensity somehow and a relief when it's over. I'm aroace and to compare, I'm much more neutral-open to sex than I am to romance (though I am probably unromantic in my approach and attitude, not that I'm promoting one night stands, but I would prefer a trusted FRIEND to have sex with and would prefer the less "romantic postures"), to try and compare the different aspects But as with all labels and sublabels, I use them only when there's a need to either improve self knowledge or to explain to someone, and I do see self knowledge as important.
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