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  1. I mean I don't find the jokes rude since it's not 24/7 and I don't find them overbearing since she knows I'm questioning if I am demiromantic or not but what kinda made it confusing since idk if I explained it well enough but after just mentioning, I did wonder maybe as me and R are pretty close in a way and we do share similar interests and ngl I am beginning to get an emotional connection (I wouldn't say it's strong yet so no romantic attraction yet) towards him and when I googled what a squish is, it seemed to explain how I am feeling towards him and since I am pretty anxious on dating or falling for someone within my friend group as I worried badly about a nasty breakup and it becoming awkward that may also be playing as a factor
  2. So, for a good while, I've used the label panromantic as I thought that describes me, however, I have before questioned if I am demiromantic since I can experience romantic attraction when I have a strong emotional connection to that person but its a very confusing thing to pinpoint down, like I don't really get crushes (i mean maybe on fictional characters but I can somehow emotionally connect myself to them if that makes sense :3 ) but maybe if I do, it is usually on someone who I am close to and strongly emotionally connected to but even then that's not very often however now I have a very awkward situation, so me and one of my friends were hanging out before I go to my lgbtq+ society meetup and she said oh you and R (one of the guys in our friend group) would make a good couple and now it seems like I have a squish on him but its all just confusing for me and yesterday, me her, R and another guy from the friend group were sat in the library cafe mucking around and talking then talking about how there were three single peeps (me and the other 2 guys) and she jokingly went to R wink wink nudge nudge to him about me since we do get on very well and a lot of other things as well so that's making me even more confused, like idm the shipping of us since i know it can be kinda fun and stuff yet I just wanna hang out with him when its just us two and do more platonic stuff and see if maybe if we can for the strong emotional connection :3
  3. hey everyone :3 I'm Taz (its a nickname I use all the time so its easier for me to just use that ) I am questioning both my sexuality and romantic attraction as I tend to just use asexual or demisexual as my labels as they seem to fit me however I am confused on my romantic orientation as I used to id as panromantic however idk if I do experience any romantic attraction unless I have a strong emotional connection to that person but it is confusing me a lot (I do hope yall don't mind me signing up) :3
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