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  1. The new call for submissions for the June edition of the carnival of aros is up, on the theme of "Imagine"! You can view the full call for submissions here. From the host: For more information, and instructions on how to post, see the original post. .
  2. It's a bit late, but since aromantic ruminations was unable to complete the month-end masterpost, we've gone ahead and compiled all the posts we could find. Read them all here!
  3. Yeah, I think the options need to be more thought out for future polls (I just winged this one based on responses from the ace census), but there is no foundational research to work from so...hopefully this thread can help whoever makes the next, not so half-assed, survey! Also, I would be interested in joining the discord server! - I'll probably send you a PM later today. I don't know if I'll be able to contribute to actually getting anything going (I just recently stepped down from the ace survey team because I have way too many projects and I am really really not supposed to be picking up more right now...even if I want to...) but I'm happy to give advice or just chatter and do some casual brainstorming. I'm mostly a former member of the team now, but I'm happy to share advice from the sections I worked on :). In addition, on a more practical matter, the ace census has at least a little data on aro labels and how frequently they are used (at least in our target userbase) which could be useful as background info when building any aro specific surveys.
  4. If you want name suggestions, "sex and sexuality" is something that could be used to indicate that it's more about the sexual behavior/feelings aspect than the identity aspect (as opposed to say, sexuality and gender or orientations and gender or sexual and gender identities etc. As names for the current forum). For example http://www.scarleteen.com/bb/ (although I don't think it makes sense to go quite so granular here as it is already a smaller forum) On another note, this doesn't solve most of the wider issue at all but could address one specific slice - when I was back on AVEN, there was at one point a stickied "TMI Thread" that was an open thread for any and all explicit topics that one might want to discuss (often sexual or genital related, but sometimes other things like explicit descriptions of weird medical issues or whatever.) It was a great place for having frank discussions about things like, say, vaginal secretions or masturbation techniques or frustration about vaginismus or other things that other users may not have wanted to see un-warned-for in other general threads.
  5. I didn't see any other polls like this (at least in the last couple months I looked at), so I'm curious - how does everyone here on arocalypse identify? It's nearly impossible to find formal research on the demographics of various aro communities, or even informal community forum polls like this, so I'm curious to see how common various labels are here. (I'd also be curious how it compares to the demographics of other aro spaces at some point, but that's another project for another time). Also, I'm sure I forgot some labels, so if there's something not listed in the poll feel free to comment below! This is a very informal half-assed poll but it's a question that definitely deserves more thorough research in the future, and commentary now could help lead design in the future. [Edit: also, I apparently can't edit the poll, so let's just pretend I spelled quoiromantic correctly]
  6. Can I ask why you think that an umbrella aromantic organization should necessarily seek majority "aro allo" leadership (as opposed to say, parity or just letting things fall based on who volunteers?) I'm familiar with all the arguments and reasons why it's important to have both ace and non-ace aro representation (as well as representation from those in the grey-areas in between! Let's not forget that seeing "allo vs. ace" as a binary in itself can cause harm), and I don't think there's anything bad with a hypothetical majority-aro-allo group in and of itself, but I also don't think that necessarily translates to "more allos than aces is obviously better" and I think it's important to talk about why that's being suggested instead of taking it as a given,
  7. Everyone knows that oddish is the superior pokemon.
  8. Aromantic Ruminations is hosting this month’s Carnival, on the topic of “Coming Out and/ or Being Out as Aromantic Spectrum”. View the official call for submissions here >>
  9. In terms of readily available commercial aro merch the newer green-green-white-grey-black variation has definitely become established as the standard, so I think it's pretty safe to go with that one. As far as other aro symbols, there is always the good old standby of "arrow" imagery! Aromantic and wordplay together, two great things in one package.
  10. Re: AAN as a proposal - how do you feel about acronyms that sneak in a few extra letters, like AroAN for Aromantic Advocacy Network, for example. That gives you more acronym options without having to add in more words that can start to feel a little redundant, especially since I feel like advocacy already covers a lot of recognition and education efforts. Alternatively, if you leave the S for Spectrum in, while ASAN is taken, other options like ASAC (arospec advocacy coalition, center) are more available. (On a side note, ACURE is my current shampoo brand, so that one might be a little confusing lol)
  11. The acronym sounds nice as an acronym, but it feels a little wordy in the full expanded form. Might need to think a bit to find an acronym that isn't taken yet though so I don't know if I can necessarily do any better though. (It looks like ANREA isn't used for anything except obscure shipping policy, though, so that's a plus in it's favor) On the other hand, for the domain name specifically, I'd recommend going for a full word or two rather than an acronym - it makes it more obvious what your site is and is also more advantageous for SEO and making it easy for people to remember you. (This is part of why AVEN, for example, is asexuality.org and not aven.org). You can still use the acronym elsewhere. Aromantic.org (which used to be the National Coalition for Aromantic Visibility) looks like it's been snapped up and is likely too pricy to buy back, but maybe consider something like aromanticnetwork.org or another more descriptive url? -aroadvocacy.org -aromanticadvocacy.org -aromanticnetwork.org -aronetwork.org (Aromantic is more clear but aro is more concise so that could go either way. I also haven't checked availability for any of these). I also had some thoughts about that recently here: https://nextstepcake.wordpress.com/2019/04/01/the-chance-to-be-the-change-you-want-to-see/ On a side note, if you need or are open to monetary donations for supporting initial domain or hosting costs, please let me know! I've been wishing someone would set up something like this but didn't have the time do it myself, so I'd like to support in the ways that I can!
  12. Some miscellaneous advice: I'd like to second the recommendation for coalition building. Also, while LGBTQIA/Queer and Ace groups are some of the most likely to be interested in sharing resources, your coalitions don't actually have to be with a topically related organization - it can just be wherever you have connections. For example, when I was first attempting to put together a campus ace group, I did receive support from the local community ace group and LGBT Center...but I also received a lot of direct support from the campus anime club (in terms of sharing storage and event space and materials) just because I was also an officer there and had connections to it in general. In general, connections to university groups (or sometimes even high school groups, like GSAs) are valuable because educational campuses often have lots of 1. classroom space and 2. curious and interested students who like to attend events to learn new things (bonuses if there is free food). Therefore, partnering with campus groups (even if it may be for one event, like maybe a joint ASAW presentation or mixer) is one great way to get outreach started if you have any potential connections there. Also, many general student groups like GSAs/QSAs/General LGBT + Ally education groups are interested in speakers who can come do good panels or presentations for free. And even if it's not listed as a social meetup, events like that tend to bring hidden aces or aros out of the woodwork. -- Also for meetup.com specifically, one important thing to know is that each paid organizer can generaly sponsor up to 3 groups (at least as of the last time I checked) - but many organizers don't need their full 3 slots. So sometimes if you ask around with the organizer of other meetup.com events you attend, or random friends or other connections who use meetup, you may be able to find someone who can sponsor your group as a co-organizer so that you don't have to pay any additional meetup.com fees. And if you can get it, I do recommend meetup.com, as my ace group always get a lot of new members from there who wouldn't have found our group otherwise. -- In terms of online presence, I'd also add that it can be helpful (though not necessary) to have something like a facebook group, email group, discord chat, etc. where people can chat and ask questions in between meetups - this can help the group solidify as an actual community and give people chances to interact even if they can't make regular meetups, especially if you only have formal events once a month or so. -- My last advice, is make sure you have a some completely free, absolutely no obligation to spend money events (as opposed to events like cafe meetups where there is still a social expectation that attendees should buy some food or drink, even if it's not enforced). Hikes or city walks or library/classroom/community space workshops are examples of events that don't include any need to spend money; cafe meetups or conferences or movie outings or fundraisers are not. -- Also, as a minor addition: nametags! I have trouble remembering one new name, let alone 10+ when I go to new events. So I love when social events have nametags available so that I don't have to keep re-asking people what their name is, especially if I've met them before at other events and still forgot (woops). And you can also add pronouns or ace identity or whatever other info you might want on there too so you can just get it out there without having to wait for someone to ask.
  13. Is there any kind of twitter or other offsite location where communications can be posted when the site is down like it was a while ago? I'm not sure if there are some existing that I just don't know about. I used to use AVEN back when it was having a lot of server problems, and having a designated offsite twitter and "backup site" that we could check really helped with peace of mind when knowing that site downtime was just temporary technical issues that would be resolved in a few days as opposed to the end of the site forever. (Especially considering the history of ace and aro forums that do just disappear into the void without notice)
  14. This is a question for whoever currently manages the non-forum parts of arocalypse - When I was looking up aro resources pages a few weeks ago, I accidentally stumbled upon the Arocalypse 101 page section, which I had no idea even existed until now. However, I also noticed that these pages aren't accessible from the main arocalypse site (going to arocalypse.com redirects straight to the forums, which have no mention of the 101 pages that I can find) - so you have to kind of know they already exist to find them. Does anyone know whether these pages are still active, or are they more just a historical artifactand/or something still under contruction? Or, for my actual question, should I avoid including these arocalypse 101 pages in resource lists for now? I'm not sure if they were hidden for a reason or if it was just an accident of site remodeling over time I tried using the contact form in that section but didn't get a response, which is part of what makes me wonder if they may just be archived pages that don't have up to date information or functionality.
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