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  1. The queer podcast "Nancy" recently aired an episode concerning marriage and, what happens if your identity or ideological beliefs make it deeply unappealing to you to get married but you still want the sweet tax cuts... They also aired an episode a few months ago about discovering one's aromanticism and/or asexuality called "Absence Of". I felt very seen during the "Richer, For Poorer" episode because I'm also torn on whether or not to get married for the tax breaks alone. What do you guys think the episode got right or wrong? Any lingering thoughts after listening to the episode? For Richer, For Poorer
  2. I'm making aro and ace pride single braided, double braided, and spiral leis for my roommate's graduation. Hoping to sell them on Etsy eventually, too!
  3. Wow, okay o.o That's pretty convincing. Guess I need to finish the Trials of Apollo series--thanks for sharing this!
  4. This sounds so cool!! ~I'm a student studying Ornithology and Linguistics. I love birds, wildlife, landscape drawing, learning languages, traveling, anime, Pokemon, diving into random Wikipedia articles, and having heated conversations about important issues like whether buffalo sauce is better than barbeque sauce (it is). ~If you like writing long letters, exchanging sketches, and share some of these interests, feel free to message me! ^.^
  5. Let's see, this isn't really a character hc but I think "The Missing Piece" and "The Missing Piece Meets the Big O" both have possible aromantic readings because they're all about looking for something you think you need, then realizing that that thing is not going to give you happiness. The "main character" in the former ends up alone AND content in the end, its fundamental nature unchanged by the relationship with the missing piece. The Big O in the latter is whole to begin with and isn't convinced that it needs to find a missing piece at all.
  6. Hmm, I've read almost all the Riordan books (minus the most recent Trials of Apollo book and the Egyptian series) but didn't pick up on the aro vibes from Piper. What were the clues to you that she was aro(spec)? Luna and Dean DEFINITELY
  7. Hi! :3 Welcome! And congratulations on your newly discovered romantic orientation. I also love languages: English (Fluent), BR Portuguese (Fluent), German (B1), French (A2), Finnish (A1), and Irish Gaelic (A1). Which languages do you speak/are interested in? I'm also looking for a girlfriend but for a QPR since all of my long-term friendships (and squishes) have been with female-identifying persons.
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