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  1. I know! At this point, I think she's beginning to realize it herself. She's still very supportive and I support her too. I also do have a therapist, which I have had for a little over a year. Thank you for your concern!
  2. Thanks! I will try in the near future (hopefully haha) I'll make sure to update what happens as well!
  3. Hello! ((Trigger Warning: self-harm)) I know that I am aro, but I had only realized this before I told my best friend I had a crush on her. She said she liked me back and I was so happy. A couple days later I realized I had made a terrible mistake. She was my closest friend ever and I could tell her absolutely anything. She became someone I would go to for comfort and I began to think I had a crush on her when in reality I just wanted her attention because I was suffering from self-harm. I told her everything and she was super supportive. Eventually, I stopped self-harming (yay!) and I noticed that I was distancing myself from her. I feel terrible that I lied to her and I don't know how she would react if I said that I don't actually have a crush on her. I'm very new to the aromantic community so I'm very confused about how to deal with this. Does anyone have any advice???
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