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  1. i made my instagram acc about aromanticism!! i made my first post 2 days ago, and i have 11 followers currently. if you could check it out and tell me your opinion i would be very happy! i made my acc spanish-friendly so i can educate spanish-speaking people about it (since there aren't many resources for us) here is the link: https://www.instagram.com/arromanticismo/
  2. thank you so much! I'll check out their blogs and see what happens
  3. Thank you sm! i was thinking of starting with the "simple" things like types of attraction, the SAM, arospec rep, the flags and arospec identities and terminology, and then start talking about "deeper" topics like amatonormativity, voidpunk and relationship models. i appreciate your help a lot!!!
  4. So i started wondering a few weeks ago if i wether or not start an instagram account to talk about aromanticism and its sprectrum in spanish, i had this idea and i think it would help a lot of people because: -Aro resources are REALLY hard to find, i think AVEN is the only organization that has talked about arospec identities in spanish (and not even in a very deep kind of way) -Everything i know about aromanticism i learned it because i know how to speak english -I want to spread awareness about arospec identities, amatonormativity, aro issues, qprs, how can people know they are arospec, etc. Can y'all give me any other topics i can talk about? any tips? thank you in advance! (p.s.: the acc will most likely be called "arromanticismo" ((aromanticism in spanish)) if y'all ever want to check it out!)
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