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  1. I totally did not forget about this site lol.


    Where to begin holy crap. 


    September 1st I decided to cut everyone I befriended in that group chat. Unfriended, deleted my Twitters. I did let them know of my situation. kind of haha. ‘Need some time to myself. It’s not you it’s me’ bull. Which, techinically IS true. All those crazy feelings I had, overreacting, burning out—it was all me. Though I didn’t let some others know, I just cut them off (not like we were talking much anyways.)


    And you know what? I feel so free. Relieved. 


    Ahhh. I’m a stupid mess. But in my defense, they were the first batch of friends I ever made that I opened up to. =w=“ Like, really opened up to. And I’m definitely not repeating this mess again! Sucks that I lost friends, but at least I learned from it yeah?


    I’m back to shipping again~ Though I’m staying the hell away from fandom life >>” Too many allos. ==“ 


    I really don’t like people. Don’t know why I got so attached to those folk. I hate my brain sometimes. :) 

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