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  1. Just last night, I mulled over what I’d like with people. An emotional bond. That’s it. Mutual trust. Mutual interest in each other. Mutual support. But without the ‘exclusiveness’. I figured I’d text one friend, be super honest and open and vulnerable, because they’re always like that, too in their social media. A wall of text I leave, and later coming out as aroace in a group chat. Yes. I felt really good that night.

    Went to work super early, not enough sleep nor any breakfast. That negative cloud was creeping in. I knew my friend would be awake soon. And sure enough, their twitter is blowing up. But they’re nothing to do with my message. I was not in a good mood by the end of work. I’m throwing a self-pity party by myself at home, under the covers. It’s later tonight when I decide to delete that message and instead let her know I wrote ‘a bit much lol’. Turns out, she hadn’t been on that messenger app the entire day. 

    Or she could’ve been lying and didn’t know what to say. 

    All I know is: sometimes you’re just not a person someone wants to get close to. Whether that be because they have a partner or because they just don’t want to talk to you who fucking knows. 

    I’m just so done with this shit guys. I’ve already had a meltdown before after one friend just disappeared from social media (but later messages me after I sent her a letter.) I understand that depression’s an asshole and makes you think no one wants you around. That no one will miss you, but holy fuck. I know they talk to their partners. Why not me? I really like these people and support them when I can and make conversation when I can but wow. And don’t even ‘they’re probably super busy’ me. Because I know they make time for their partners. 

    I get it now. I’m just not a person they want to talk to. That’s it. No hard feelings. Nothing personal. I treat my cousin like this, too. She loves and adores me. Tells me a lot of things because she trusts me. But I don’t feel the same about her. I just don’t. I feel like an asshole because of that, but oh well.

    So in a way, this is kind of like karma biting me in the ass lmao.

    That’s all it is. Some people ‘click’. Some don’t. Some people don’t want to be open with anyone but their partner. I respect that.

    But wow does it hurt. It really hurts. When did I become this fucking weak? Must be from all those close friendships I’d see and read about in fictional works. Haha. That’s all fantasy. We all know emotional bonds will not form platonically (being sarcastic.) Gods I feel horrible. Fuck me. I hate this part of myself so much. Just die. I want to kill this part. How do I kill this part of myself? Let me go back inside my head, back when my autistic ass didn’t even understand people had feelings. 

    1. NotHeartless


      Shit, I feel you. I mean, you read my status update so you know I went through something similar.
      It can hurt a whole lot when someone doesn't value you the same way you value them. Happens often enough with (from an aro perspective) romantic relationships, yeah. You can be the closest of friends with someone, it is still possible their partner is closer to them or means more to them. I don't really understand it either. I guess that is one of the burdens of the aromantic person.
      If you believe in karma, you can call it that. But I think emotional imbalance is rather normal in human relationships. Otherwise we wouldn't have relationship problems anymore and everyone would be happy with each other all the time. Don't blame yourself. You are already one step ahead because at least you realize the emotional gap and still try to be there and a good friend/cousin, etc.
      You don't give up on your friends even if they cut themselves off. I relate.
      I absolutely understand sometimes everything gets too much. And only a few people seem to fully understand your sadness and the origin of it. I also understand your wish to kill this part of you. Maybe things would be easier then but at the same time you would feel less and maybe everything left would be emptiness. Which isn't really better.

      P.S: " When did I become this fucking weak?" - could be a sentence written by me but you aren't weak. You are just human.

    2. AutistAro


      @NotHeartless Thank you. And I’m really sorry you had to go through something like that. Not a fun experience at all. 

      I don’t want to give up on my friends (or acquaintances, cuz I don’t know what a ‘friend’ is anymore.) I’m feeling very petty and bitter, but it’s no one’s fault, you know? I could blame society, but nah. Just gotta learn from this. And move on? I don’t know where to start, but no one’s there to help me. 

      I’m glad there are people who understand this sort of rejection, though. It sucks, but I know we can all move on. Eventually. 


      P.S. lol aren’t aro folk told we’re not human? Ah, people. Just because we love in a different way, the majority think we’re lesser beings or something. 

    3. NotHeartless


      Thanks for the sympathy.
      Yes, I know. I know this feeling. There isn't anyone to blame but you feel like shit because of the circumstances. And you can't talk to anybody about it, you feel isolated and alone with your feelings. Right? If so, I definitely know what you are talking about. Life is like that sometimes.
      Eventually, we'll be able to move on. Sometimes memories still hurt after weeks, months and years. It's okay to feel sad, it's okay to stay in bad for a day if you can't manage to get up. Just don't drown entirely in the negative emotions.
      And you can always talk here, even though we are strangers. Doesn't matter, we are in the same boat.
      I sincerely hope you'll feel better soon.

      Yeah, people say we are "not human". It doesn't make any sense at all. We exist and we are humans, aromanticism is another facet of being human. People who refuse to see it are stupid.

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