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  1. Hi have you heard of queerplatonic yet? Just because you don't want to have a romantic relationship doesn't mean you can't have close emotional relationships. Also another thing you could do is look through A list of romantic orientations by Amy Ghost (which these quotes are from) since being aro doesn't have to make you completely non romantic, there are many different types of romantic orientations. I actually copied the whole lot onto another page so I could write my thoughts out about each definition and go yes, no, maybe, this is my thoughts on this etc. just to help me get it down and put thoughts into words. Other suggestions pulled from the list: As an alternative to using the word romantic you could also use: (aka Confusion between romantic attraction and platonic attraction extends to romantic orientation making the idea of being attracted to someone via gender confusing as well.) Another term you may or may not want to use in the future is: Although you don't need to figure it all out now, these are just suggestions to help get you started. ^^
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