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  1. Go with what you feel now. If later you renounce it, then that's fine. Life is about making those choices that make you happy, and these choices don't necessarily affect other people. If people say they do, they're also wrong. You're young, sure, but I ID'd as Aro when I was fifteen, and flopped on it later only to accept this part of me now. That may not be your story, or you may not flop at all. Maybe it's your fit, but if you ignore these parts of yourself they'll only come out later. Wishing you the best. c:
  2. I'm aware of the signs, and I appreciate the concern. It's something I'll lean into if it persists. This is the real only major change occurring in my life at the moment. Just the correlation is really succinct to me? Just I began to accept this part of me, and my emotions just sort of plummeted. I experienced such immense relief (even with tension around the family, until they came around, tmi I suppose) when I came out as trans to my family. When it's come to accepting myself, there's always been this degree of "oh thank god" because I'm acting on how I want to live. It's just come as a big surprise, how I've responded to even attempting to feel better about myself. The disconnect I'm getting via loved ones is a little more complex I suppose? I've spent a long time trying to relate to people talking about their relationships and crushes and their sexcapades. That's not the singular way I am connecting to them, sure, but suddenly there's this feeling of being... almost two steps further from them. There's this brand new disconnect as not feeling in line with the rest. These things don't matter in friendships and family, I know, but every time they talk about romantic love I'm left just, unable to pretend like I get it anymore. I thought they were like me, you know? And suddenly I'm not like them. There shouldn't be an "us" and "them" but for simplicity's sake and trying to pick apart myself, I think that's how I ought to put it. Even so, thanks for hearing me out and replying. Voicing it helps. I'll try to do those things in the future.
  3. i'm unsure if it's a sign of the times, something just being seriously wrong with me, or any number of factors buzzing around in my brain, but i've sort of lost touch with my passions over the course of the past few weeks in particular. i feel like, in embracing this side of my identity, i have gained a degree of apathy or, repulsion toward other people. but i love other people. i love my friends, i love my family. but currently the thought of even being cared for, by people who i love and care for, makes me uncomfortable. i've always been the caretaker. i've always been empathetic and feel and worry and care for my friends. i try to help where i can. that's how i've always been, but lately not focusing on myself is almost too easy. i'm starting not to feel anything, just a heavy detachment from where i am and what i'm doing. and it's scaring me a lot. maybe it's just a coincidence. but i've found that in my acceptance of this aromantic side of me, i've lost one of my closest connections with other people: feeling like i actually connect with them like they can connect with me. it's just really isolating. and i was wondering if anyone had grounding tips, ways to still feel connected to people despite lacking... that certain jenesaisquoi. thanks.
  4. sunny


    Oh snap??? I love this?? This is such a good HC.
  5. sunny


    Haha, i have heard the book is better. Literally so many times does art3mis walks away... Just....... Let.......... her leave............ It was so bothersome to me when he kept pursuing her. There was a point (we were watching the movie at home) that I physically just got up and got water instead. Romance isn't bad you know, it was just that it was so forced, and that he wasn't listening. stuff like that just bothers me.
  6. sunny


    man... ready player one included this and i about died. it wasn't necessary. i remember being in middle school and the hunger games books bothered me because katniss never once had a, "Can this wait? I'm a little busy." moment.
  7. this year was the first year i was painfully aware of myself. all of my friends had partners and s/o's they kissed. i was the only one just sort of wading in it. not to mention the entire night they were all over each other. which again, if fine you know? it's them showing their affection for one another. i always feel so guilty about feeling weird around PDA. it's been a sort of recent development that has been kicking my ass. PDA always bothered me but not it just makes me wanna shut down completely. if we're playing games like... lets just play games man. let's just do what friends do best and not be crawling over one another. so yeah, i get what you mean. but it can be really fun. we normally just play board games at my house.
  8. literally having this revelation is so strange? like i live with happy parents in a happy marriage, but it still occurs to me regularly like oh people genuinely want this. people aren't just saying it to say it.
  9. i remember when i was asked out for the first time, i was mentally doing the math on whether or not i actually liked the guy before saying yes. my sister said it best, most recently: if you have to think about it, the answer is probably no. i've never really felt those strong feelings everyone talks about. i thought everyone was faking it until recently. missed the boat on that, huh? whoops.
  10. nice to meet you ash! i'm sunny. it's real nice to meet you, bud. i still have a beginner's ukulele in my room. it never kept tune well, haha. i hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. hi yarenios! i'm sunny, it's super nice to meet you! i figured this was an alternative to AVEN based on the format, but i'm glad to see my suspicions were correct!
  12. hi there. y'all can call me sunny. i normally don't have internet names but, carve your own path, right? just some general things: i have four cats and a dog i'm trying to make get along. i'm trying to go to college for environmental science. i take a lot of sky pictures on my phone. i also play D&D with my friends. i joined mainly because i know if i don't talk to about it i'll end up imploding. but you know. glad to be here! glad to meet y'all.
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