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  1. So, recently (like a few days ago), I accepted to be in a relationship with a girl which is long distance (she's in Russia, I'm in England). I've always seen her as just a good friend, and I care about her a lot, but feel nothing romantically, but she really loves me in that way. She does also look gorgeous but, because I see her as just a good friend, I wouldn't really have sex with her. It's just awkward atm, because whenever she says, "I love you", I can't say it back, because I don't wanna lie to her. You're supposed to tell the truth, right? I only accepted just to see if I could be in a romantic relationship, and also because I didn't want to upset her. I only really enjoyed the sexual roleplay we've had together. I enjoy reading smut/lemon stuff even when it's not lesbian, arrest me ahshs Maybe I'm speaking too soon, but I'm not sure this will last long. Also, I told her that I had somewhat of an alterous connection with this older woman I see often, and she thinks that I love her romantically, when (while she is fit, and maybe I'd have sex with her, but I doubt it because she has a boyfriend and has just had a kid) I only see her as a good friend. This is similar to the alterous connection I had with my teacher back when I was 12/13. I didn't say "alterous", but I said I got attached to this woman, and that I get attached to older women more easily, and that it's happened before. So, she's a bit down about that (it 'broke her heart') She says that people experience romantic attraction differently and, while it is sort of true, I just think that maybe I don't feel it at all. I made it clear that I didn't think I experienced romantic attraction to the woman, just that I was unsure why I thought about her a lot and that I have an unusually strong emotional connection to her. I know that some Aros can be in a romantic relationship without the attraction and be fine, but I don't think I can. It's too awkward. What do you think?
  2. bc why not. Here's a link to the picture https://aminoapps.com/c/aroaceunited/page/blog/i-finished-it/PYqr_g0tmudRxPB6gxp4W1vmo7LlqGPXdN
  3. If you are on Amino, the LGBT+ France Amino has some great wikis on Aromanticism and other things like sensual and alterous orientations, etc. in French, and are quite helpful (I'm actually just a French learner). https://aminoapps.com/c/lgbt-france/page/item-category/catalog-item-category-dictionnaire-lgbt/pYpj_npSJTR2XqnMlrN60Bpj4vgMZX8v04ue
  4. YES, I always have to use 'crush' in quote marks, but it still feels weird because crush is primarily romantic, but I have no other word to describe it. I think it's a sensual version of a crush?? Like you just want to touch someone? I've not seen something like that before. This is confusing me now. Even if we used this definition, there is no mention of sexual attraction.
  5. lol why is everyone being so oversensitive, chill.
  6. So in the last half an hour to an hour, I've coined a few Aro terms, which I think would be cool to share. Keep in mind, I was drinking a can of Strongbow (cider) while making these up. These terms sort of relate to cupid and archery. Bows & Aros Allromantics - Bows Aros...well..Aros Alternatively Beaux & Aros (pronounced Bow and Aros) in the UK, someone may call their male partner their "Beau" (pronounced Bow), in a romantic relationship, which means Handsome in French, and the x at the end makes it plural. Strong Bow (or Strong Beau) The more dominant person in the romantic relationship. They usually will initiate most dates, pay bills, be the big spoon when spooning and initiate affection. They will take good care of their partner, and are protective of them. Soft Bow (or Soft Beau) The more submissive person in a romantic relationship. They usually are the ones to receive affection, have bills paid for them, be protected and looked after by their partner, be the little spoon when spooning, etc. Strong Aro A strong Aro is more repulsed by romantic relationships, and things of that nature. Think of an arrow, that is very strong and durable, being more likely to hit romance and succeed, like destroying any chance of them being in a romantic relationship, or being against romantic relationships, if that makes sense. Like destroying cupid's spells. Soft Aro A soft aro is really interested in romance such as in books, TV, movies, etc. They like romantic aspects such as dates, or they just really love romance in theory, even if they don't experience romantic attraction themselves. Think of a soft arrow being less likely to destroy cupid's spells, and being less against romance in general.
  7. I'm referring to Asexual Alloromantics, as they have more luck in being in a normal relationship without sex. It's more likely.
  8. So...I am (possibly) Aromantic. Sounds easy enough to understand, right? Well, I'm also a lesbo (code: I'm a homosexual). This makes things harder. I don't "crush" the way others do. I just want sensual, emotional and sexual closeness to a girl. The romantic part I can live without, I don't get anything out of it and, in some cases, it can make me feel a bit uncomfortable. Being touched is something that I am very particular about (btw I am autistic). So I don't feel that I can be in a normal relationship because every relationship is romantic in some way (like a dating relationship), even Aces are ok in this realm. However, I feel like I would just let the other girl down. On the other side of the coin, whilst they sound great in theory, I cannot do QPRs because 1. not many people will know about them and 2. remember the sexual part? Yeeah that's a problem. On top of that, my alterous attraction is very sparse, it's only happened twice. What I want: - affection (give affection) but with limitations like I don't like the idea of holding hands. - sex - eventually someone to have kids with - someone I can trust That's it. Hopefully someone in this world, other than me, also feels this way but idk.
  9. I don't think Smash is really out of attraction, it just seems like you would really hate the person. And I don't understand how the word expansion relates to the meaning.
  10. No, not really. I don't have squishes a lot, if at all. I only experience sensual and sexual attraction when I see someone I like. I just don't have a drive to actively find friends. I don't want to have sex with my friends.
  11. I'm not trying to cause trouble, it's just to see people's opinions.
  12. I want to see if anyone else agrees with me without all the backlash.
  13. Well I've not seen any that say they haven't had any squishes before
  14. I am Autistic, so the idea of friends is very different and not as interesting to me, I was also heavily bullied as child as well, so I am used to and find enough enjoyment with being by myself. I say I have crushes on girls, but not really romantically, just sexually and sensually, sometimes emotionally, but not often (however I'm not 100% sure yet with romantic stuff), but I have never acted in any way like romantic people act around their crushes when wanting to be someone's friend, and not for crushes either. I don't have an overwhelming desire to be someone's friend. They just become my friend if I see them and hang around them often and if we are interested in talking to each other and sharing interests and time together and having a laugh (however it's quite hard for me to call people my friend usually bc trust issues). I've heard that every Aro pretty much has squishes but I don't think I do??
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