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  1. Autumn


    Hi! I love fantasy and sci-fi too. Welcome to the forums!
  2. Autumn

    Is New Year's Day Just a 2nd Valentine's Day

    I'm actually almost never around people who are part of a couple? At home anyways, so I often forget about the whole kissing tradition. I never thought of it as Holiday with specific traditions, just a sort of free for all celebration. Of course it's also my bro's bday so it's always just been a family event for me. But I can def see how it could be hard if the people you know are all going off with their partners. It feels like romantics try to make every holiday about being with their partner, so maybe it isn't surprising they do that to to New Years as well.
  3. Autumn


    Hi Lisa! Nice to meet you. I'm 19 and love to write too! Welcome to the forums!
  4. Autumn

    Hello! :o

    Hello Zee! It's nice to meet you, welcome!
  5. Autumn


    Man do I feel this. Like, I get it conceptually - desperation of the moment makes them think if they don't get the romance out of their system NOW then they will die without it ever coming to closure, and romance supposedly makes characters more "relatable" - but omg would I love for them to not use that trope so much. Like sometimes I can take it but it's everywhere! In general I am very pro more fantasy/sci-fi/action stories leaving out the romance, with maybe a few exceptions it's almost always the weakest or least interesting part of the story. That's why my main stories have little to no romance in them, though I would like if the rest of the industry would pick up on this.
  6. Autumn

    Arocalypse pen pals

    I'd be interested in making more friends! This is a good idea I think. I am basically very into writing fantasy, drawing my ocs, and obsessing over tv/comics/film/anime/superheroes. I also like to play video games, rp, and cook.
  7. Autumn

    romance repulsion in qprs?

    I know this is an older post so maybe the issue was resolved, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents on the matter. I think it makes a lot of sense that if you're really romance repulsed, than anything romance-coded wouldn't work for you even if the relationship is mutually platonic. I'm somewhere on the romance-repulsed scale (maybe more neutral? I think it fluctuates) and have thought that while I would like a QPR, I would want it it to not really resemble dating outside of commitment level and maybe a small increase in displays of affection and willingness to discuss personal issues. After all qprs don't HAVE to be very romance-coded, they can be more friendship coded with the only difference at all being commitment level (since I think that's the only Solid distinguishing feature between typical friendships and qprs). At least that's how I see the issue currently.
  8. Autumn

    How do i know if i'm aro?

    Hey there! You definitely sound aromantic to me, though ultimately only you can decide if the label fits. I'm aromantic and asexual and I don't want anything like a romantic relationship in my life either, so you aren't alone there. What you describe as 'more than regular friendship but less than romance' is a somewhat common way of trying to describe a queerplatonic relationship: a relationship that is a committed friendship, and can have romance-coded elements if the people involved want it to. Finding people in the mainstream communities who would be interested in one of those is challenging, but in the lgbt and especially aro/ace communities it's more likely (unfortunately I don't have enough in person social experience to say what the best course of action with people there is, other than always being upfront as early on in a closening relationship what you're looking for to try and avoid leading anyone on, though at a certain point if you really just did normal friend things and they still get upset then I think that's on them). Maneuvering such a romantic-centric society as an aromantic is difficult, but don't lose hope! It isn't weird and we're all here to help support each other when things seem down.
  9. Oh man do I feel this. I'm not sure how often I've experienced this specifically (I haven't done much socializing at all after elementary school, not irl anyways) but I feel like I did have a conversation like that before in school. And it's this mindset that makes me hesitant to bother befriending anyone in person, especially anyone of the opposite gender since pretty much any friendship could be seen as 'leading them on' if they're interested in you. I know not all allos are like that of course but it's still something I'm wary of. But being aro doesn't make you broken it all, I figure it's society that has the issue since it over fixates on one type of relationship model while de-emphasizing other kinds. Unfortunately I don't have any real answers for this yet, but I can assure you at least that you aren't the only person struggling with this and that there are people that will be more open-minded out there, it just takes effort to find them.
  10. Autumn


    Hi, I'm Autumn! I like writing, drawing, gaming, and watching tv. I'm aromantic and figured that out for sure somewhat recently (last few months? Last year or two tops) but I considered the option before that after realizing I was asexual. I simply never got any crushes or wanted to date and could never relate to romances in television, and as a kid always thought romance was dumb/unrealistic/annoying in shows and the like, and in middle school couldn't relate to anyone because all they seemed to talk about was romance, so maybe it should have occurred to me sooner lol. It's nice to be here with everybody!