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  1. thanks for sharing that. To be honnest, i think i will just not think about this anymore and probably see what will happen next. Also, yeah i would be happy with good friends ^^ even if we are not Partner.
  2. It make sense ! I think this is the case for me too.
  3. Well, i don't think i am aroace oriented myself, but i "know" some of them. One of them was attracted in a sensual (not sexual) way to girls only so they called themself a lesbian aroace. Squishes were not what i was thinking about, but i must admit, I don't know everything about this. I just though it was worth mentioning.
  4. Yeah that's what i think too. I am kind of romance repulsed, but this is good to know, thanks! Maybe i will give it a look.
  5. That being said, what make me think lars is aro gay is because (spoiler ! ): 1 : someone say : lars don't get attached to peoples "like that" (implied : in a romantic way ) 2: he say to his mother who want grandchildren "at least, you are atracted to the opposite gender !" (he only have sex with men) I realize he could be aroace and like sex. I guess it's up to the reader… Unless they clarify it later.
  6. Yeah, it would be great ! At least with Heroes of Thantanos, it's expliciliy said.
  7. okay, i found two webcomics with one confirmed aro character. The other one is implied. First : Heroes of Thantanos : http://www.heroesofthantopolis.com/comic/chapter-1-cover The hero is aroace , it's confirmed here :http://www.heroesofthantopolis.com/comic/chapter-9-page-21?fbclid=IwAR23UH1f1EEw6nxinl6R0_t0tZBtPmJh38GIulA2cOFYAGiVBpvycrAf6eU Secondly , The griefer belt (warning for sexual content ) :https://tapas.io/episode/181380 Lars is implied to be aro gay. I hope i am not wrong. It's implied he is attracted to the "opposite gender" (and have sex with them) but is said to not like peoples "that way" (implied : in a romantic way) Again, maybe i am wrong. It's not explicitly said and i hope i didn't misread. (add webcomics if you want)
  8. They sounded very elitist, yeah (i even feel like they were trying to say that aroace are the "true a-spec" but i can't be sure, this is just a feeling. I approve the fact that an aroace space exist, but i don't approve this kind of message ). I was not even aware of this. I guess the aro community is not immune...
  9. I have seen something like that on facebook , an aroace groupe who said : we dont believe aro and ace are spectrum. (if that's what you're talking about) I stay away from them.
  10. There is a stereotype that affect both aces and aros sometime : ace don't mean sex repulsed and aro don't mean romance repulsed. Unless your character is both ? In that case, this is fine. Also, aroace peoples can be oriented! Like, they can be bi aroace or gay aroace. They can give a label for their platonic attraction (like sensual or queerplatonic (i think? )) But again, if your character is not, this is also fine. (it's just informative, maybe you already know it) Good luck !
  11. @Apathetic Echidna It's ok, it was not a mistake. Well, i can ask around in the french groups i am in, there are peoples who are well renseigned.. Right now i don't know many things. You know what, i will do it right now. If i come back with interesting stuff i will tell you. Edit : i Don't know if you're interested, but right now i have : -arobase : a political organization created this year, in the french community. (http://aromantisme.org/?fbclid=IwAR2aOE3EZwB50dwY5ulFCzdBdxVpRTRMFC2qP8812ad9Sal8QsPXFwGd08E)
  12. Oh, dont get me wrong. I can spend time with her when her boyfried is around. In fact, we play games together sometime. It's fun. I guess this is a "me" problem heh.. Feeling like a third wheel.
  13. Oh, i have nothing against her boyfriend. But even if we were friends, i still would be the third wheel… And i hate it, being a third wheel , it make me feel horrible.
  14. Interesting way to put it. I do think qpr can be amatonormative in a way. It work in Europe too. Where i live at least. To be honnest, i describe myself as nonamorous now, but i am currently wondering if this is true. I guess time wil tell.
  15. Saaaame. But i think, in the end, that i just want someone close. Yeah, i think you're right. Everyone seem happy with their qpp , i think i just want to be happy too. But i should remember that no Relationship is more or less important.
  16. Hey. Okay so… i am nonamorous. I don't think i could have a qpr , well , i don't think i would want one anyway. I don't know if i could get THAT close with someone. … but sometime, i want to be close to someone. A qpr sound nice ( that being said, i would never be able to get physically close with them (like hugs or kisses) ). And everyone make it soud like this is the best thing in the world. (serious question : do you think this is a form of amatonormativity even if this is not romance ? ) Well, i wonder if i am really nonamorous. Or maybe i just wish i had close friends. I don't know anymore. Maybe my stance on nonamory will even change if i get closer to someone? I know i can get squishes but they never lead to anywhere. (for various reasons) (anyone can relate? Or want to add something? )
  17. I feel very isolated too. That being said, to only peoples i could call my friends… i don't see the very often. But yeah, peoples rarely understand me.
  18. That's… a good way to put it i think. With aro allo i CAN speak about typical aromantic things, even if we must be carefull about not erasing them , but yeah, definitly not with allo ace. I don't really blame them. Oh this is just the worst. I hate when it happen... That's interresting. I a not really a tv show person, but this is good to know.
  19. That's probably the reason, yeah. Personaly, i never really feel the pressure (Lucky me ) so it's likely me acknowledging my feelings ^^
  20. I always thought of typical romantic stuff as romantic, but reading aro stuff make me more determined to hate romance i guess
  21. This is more an early sign of my romance repulsion, but when i was a kid i used to leave when it was "the kissing moment" in movies.
  22. To be honnest, i dont know if i did it to fit in or if i told myself "this is fine, this is normal to be in love". Ad now that I know what is amatonormativity, well… it's definitly not the same.
  23. Hey ! So, i am very romance repulsed. But i feel like since i know i am aro, my romance repulsion flared up ! dont get me wrong, i never was at ease with romance. When i was a kid i used to go away when the characters kissed in a movie. But until i discovered my aromantism, i was able to read a romantic fanfiction (not that it was my favorite thing in the world). But now i am just… uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. Anyone in the same case? I Wonder if i was forcing myself to read them...
  24. That being said, i dont think I (and maybe we ) need the aro and ace community to stay linked to make peace with being aroace. It seem...selfish i don't know.
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