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  1. Hello from Belgium, neighbour. And welcome aboard Yeah i can feel that.
  2. Yeah, i don't call it crush either, when i call it at all. Then again, platonic can mean a lot of things (sensual? friends ? qpr ? )
  3. No prob' (also, same it's not my first language, but some lists of words can be found , making some things easier to understand ) Me neither ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ When it happen to me, i call it "aesthetic attraction" (or i don't call it at all but you see what i mean ). when i think someone is good looking.
  4. Some crush can be platonic, if you see them as such. (it can mean many things ). But how would i define it? Hum.. being attracted in any way to someone i guess? "crush" is usually used for romantic feelings that being said. I am not exactly sure what you mean by that. If you mean sexual attraction, yes. If you mean sensual attraction, also yes. (but again i don't know how many peoples call them "crush". ) Well, it's not necessarily related to romantic feelings anyway. But since you said you were new to this, i would understand if you don't quite see what i mean. (the different types of attraction ) Maybe this could help you ? http://www.arocalypse.com/index/ And this https://www.aromanticism.org/
  5. Yeah... Just… i know this is not fun to hear, but it don't just happen with romance. Sometime it's friend < other friend. But that's something else. "romance before friendship" is a huge problem because it's something that we are *taught* . It's supposed to be "normal" , "fair" and "natural". Not just because some peoples happen to like their crush better , but only because it's romance.
  6. Just know you're not the only one. And you're not horrible for feeling this. It's a bit different for me, but i get what you mean. I feel it. Well, i don't hate that they're in a relationship, I hate that they consider me inferior to their crush. Being left behind, forgotten unless their crush is not around and i am the only one left… How could it leave me indifferent? It would probably be easier without romantic feelings in the way. But would it really? I don't know. But they don't owe me their life and time. So i don't act on my possessive feelings. But right now i will not deny i can feel them. (whoa , not sure of my english there but you i hope you understand what i mean )
  7. That, or "they are two (or more when they try to be inclusive ) part of a one" Also, no one is perfect for anyone and i feel like this is dangerous to say so. Interresting. Friendships are different for everyone… not unlike other relationships. I feel like we have a tendency to forget about cultural context.
  8. To be honnest…. i feel the same. Also, when I say i am not looking for a qpr , it mean that i am not looking for a "certain type of relationship described by some aros about their qpr ", and i would probably not feel the need to call it like that. But i could have a relationship i would call close friendship but someone else would call it a qpr ?
  9. I suppose it's right. Well, it sound right to me. But that's only my two cents as someone who never had a qpr and is not really looking for one. So i may not be the best person to speak about it.
  10. This is the wording i like the most, to be honnest. That being said : i think we must not forget aros who feel like their QPP are also their friends, and aros who feel like it can overlap. We should accept that it can be different for everyone. (note : i am aware that QPR's being different for everyone is generaly accepted. And i am aware that aros who defend that qpr's are different than friendship are usually yelling at alloros who dismiss us. )
  11. it's a simple text. But a bit too long for me to translate it right now ^^ I am not sure how I feel about this text that being said...
  12. I second that. ---------- To be honest… peoples always find something to say. "you're aro? no you can't know that yet , you didn't try ! " "you don't want to date? you will find someone today ~don't worry~ " 'you're not interested? Make an effort ! " I...don't think a perfectly safe wording exist. Sorry.
  13. *sigh* I wish you were wrong I wish you were wrong too. I hate all of this... If only they also said "aromantic" in the comics.. they probably used "asexual" for aro ace, unfortunatly. And that was only in one spin off >< But i agree, i would have loved to see aroace jughead in a tv serie ! I heard the show was actually good for other lgbt+peoples. Too bad. I am very disapointed in Riverdale.
  14. Ah , yeah… That... Of course ! But… even if someone don't like any of these things, are they less human? Do they deserve less respect ? If someone is loveless (i know it can mean a lot of things but you see what i mean?) , it don't make them a bad person. They also deserve respect. What i mean is : we don't deserve respect because we can love, we deserve respect because we exist. That's usually what they mean haha Oh? I didn't know that. That usually how they describe it. In fiction at least, not sure how peoples really feel about it in real life. (but i would not be surprised they also mean it like that )
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