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  1. Well, usually with a Disney/Pixar/dreamworks movie , we have a french dub. I don't know about other languages. I am not sure how it's going with Dutch. But I watched Moana in french... well, Vayana at least. They changed the name.
  2. Hey! Thanks, I hope you're okay too. Welcome here by the way
  3. i mean, being aro certainly afected my view on friendship, but my anxiety and ptsd are really the ones to be blamed for my trust issues and self esteem^^ But yeah, i always love to know more about myself. Same. Humor is one of my way of coping. Finding relatable things too.
  4. ( TW : mention of self harm and bullying) I deal with social anxiety and PTSD. Because of bullying (two years of it non stop, everyday, when i was 12-13 year old) While my aromantism and my mental health are unrelated, it cause me troubles with friendship. (trust issues, in other peoples but especially in myself. ) I am just glad i know about ptsd and anxiety because i really thought something was wrong with me and it was my fault. Not that it stop me from self harming and feeling guilty. Damn it, anxiety. Well i guess it help to talk about it.
  5. I think so, yes. If they feel like the label fit them. They could also be queer. I know some aro-spec don't indentify as such, and that's okay, but i think any aro-spec belong.
  6. Yeah. Since aromantism is a part of it , i don't see why we should exclude any aro-spec .
  7. Thank you for the advice. But this is not simple… it feel like a wall separate us. I love her but i can't really speak about feelings with her. I guess we aren't THAT close. I think i will just deal with it.
  8. That's right. thanks! Yeah i think i will just wait and see.
  9. thanks for sharing that. To be honnest, i think i will just not think about this anymore and probably see what will happen next. Also, yeah i would be happy with good friends ^^ even if we are not Partner.
  10. It make sense ! I think this is the case for me too.
  11. Well, i don't think i am aroace oriented myself, but i "know" some of them. One of them was attracted in a sensual (not sexual) way to girls only so they called themself a lesbian aroace. Squishes were not what i was thinking about, but i must admit, I don't know everything about this. I just though it was worth mentioning.
  12. Yeah that's what i think too. I am kind of romance repulsed, but this is good to know, thanks! Maybe i will give it a look.
  13. That being said, what make me think lars is aro gay is because (spoiler ! ): 1 : someone say : lars don't get attached to peoples "like that" (implied : in a romantic way ) 2: he say to his mother who want grandchildren "at least, you are atracted to the opposite gender !" (he only have sex with men) I realize he could be aroace and like sex. I guess it's up to the reader… Unless they clarify it later.
  14. Yeah, it would be great ! At least with Heroes of Thantanos, it's expliciliy said.
  15. okay, i found two webcomics with one confirmed aro character. The other one is implied. First : Heroes of Thantanos : http://www.heroesofthantopolis.com/comic/chapter-1-cover The hero is aroace , it's confirmed here :http://www.heroesofthantopolis.com/comic/chapter-9-page-21?fbclid=IwAR23UH1f1EEw6nxinl6R0_t0tZBtPmJh38GIulA2cOFYAGiVBpvycrAf6eU Secondly , The griefer belt (warning for sexual content ) :https://tapas.io/episode/181380 Lars is implied to be aro gay. I hope i am not wrong. It's implied he is attracted to the "opposite gender" (and have sex with them) but is said to not like peoples "that way" (implied : in a romantic way) Again, maybe i am wrong. It's not explicitly said and i hope i didn't misread. (add webcomics if you want)
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