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  1. I shared your survey in some fb aro groups.
  2. "more than friends" , of course . This ! It make me uncomfortable when peoples say that... Off topic i don't know, but i agree. It's very annoying to hear this when you are a trans aro.
  3. For me, the colours are more saturated on my phone. It's not just brightness. Right now i am on my laptop and it look alright. But again, that's just me ^^ That being said, maybe the grey could be just a bit lighter, i agree.
  4. Note : the brightness of the colours… depend if you are on mobile or on your laptop. For me, at least. It look like one of the aroace flags with a black strip, now that i think about it…
  5. I like it. Simple, and I like the meaning of the colours (and the colours ) I am curious to know what other a-spec think about it.
  6. I don't know if that help, but when I did my coming out, I said something like " you know, some peoples are gay, lesbian, bi, hetero…. I am aromantic". Like that, I put aromantism on the same level as other orientations. Something I can't choose. Something that's going to stay here unless I say otherwise. And if i am not too young to know I am hetero, then i am not too young to know i am aro. Of course, I had to explain what it was. They are fine with it and usually leave me alone. (Well, my mom don't tell me anymore how "she can't wait for me to bring someone home ! " ) Right now, I think this is a good advice.
  7. Hmm… I already said my point of view above, but I think I understand QPR's better now. Never too late I guess. Still, I am not really looking for one. I don't exclude the possibility of having one, but I am not really worried about that. We will see, and if it never happen I won't be too bothered.
  8. Hum… I don't know what to choose, because it depend too much on contexts. I only can tell you for sure that i don't want a romantic relationship. And i don't think i would like having no interaction. And for qprs… to tell you the truth, i personnaly can't tell the difference between qprs (or at least how peoples describe them. And from what i heard, they tend to be very different from each others) and a very close friend. (Not that i am going to stop peoples from calling it like that. Just because i don't understand don't mean it's not true. ) I would not mind having a close friend. Or close friends. But do I really want a qpr ?. Well, I know i am not necessarily looking for it. I have good friends. It's fun and i like it. And now that i think about it, even if i had a best friend, close friends, and all of that, i would need my time alone. [Edit : I think I understand QPR's a little better now.]
  9. Alright ^^ I was thinking about Bartz from final fantasy 5, with the aro colours and/or the trans one. That guy has, like, a ton of different character design with different art style, so i realize it could be complicate. I can give you a reference if you wish. If you are fine with it of course.
  10. I... realize it may not help you, but i can't tell you what you feel or what is romantic attraction. Just know nothing you mentioned make you less aro.
  11. Oh, nice ! But before i suggest anything, can i propose any character and any flags ? ( because the character i have in mind is not well know.) (If you dont mind of course)
  12. Good point. I included them, but i realize it was not clear.
  13. Alright It's still inaccurate. Some trans peoples don't give a shit about how they are perceived. That, however, is right. And I (a trans person ) would suggest you to use that definition : "a person who don't Identity as their assigned gender at birth" . It's simple and inclusive. Unless other trans peoples have an objection of course. [edit : and when i say "objection" , i am talking about wording or something i may have overlooked. This is not an invitation to erase some trans peoples ]
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