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  1. Hey everyone, I've been thinking about aromanticism a lot lately, I think I am one. Maybe. Or not. Actually I don't really know. I think I might be one beacause I don't experience "romance" or what is said to be "romance". I don't like the words "in love" or "couple", they just don't seem right to me. But I still experience some "crush" and I do want close relationship with some people, so I thought that maybe squish and QPR might be good terms for what I fell, experience and desire but there's still something bothering me. For example, what I'd call a "squish" is not really a "friendship crush" as everyone says. It's not a "crush" either. It's something very special, I can't really describe it. I feel like I want to be close to my "squishes", I want to share things with them, spend time with them but I'm also sexually attracted to them. And I don't really feel those things for my friends. I don't feel this sort of feelings. But I don't want more from my "squishes". Like I don't want a couple, I don't want to have children, spend all my time with them, I don't think about them ALL the time, I don't miss them. So it's like in between. It's the same for QPR. For me a QPR would be like a friendship, but with special feelings and a physical bond (and sex). I'm really not sexually attracted to my friends so it's not friendship. But it's not a couple. And I can't figure out if I just have a particular vision of romance and "couples" and love or if I am really aromantic. I guess it's a bit up to me to decide that, but I don't feel like I'm a "true aromantic", I don't feel valid as an aromantic. But I don't feel valid as a zedromantic. I'm so lost. Also, this is another topic maybe but I don't really have interest in other relationships than "QPR". I have a few friendships but I don't value them as much as I value "QPRs". And I don't look forward them (it's nice if it happens, but I don't really care). And I feel like I can't really connect to people that I don't have a "squish" on, they're nice and all but... I just don't really care. And that make me feel really lonely because one of the conditions for me to have a "squish" on someone is sexual attraction, but I'm greysexual so it's pretty rare...... My feelings are such a mess and my social life is even worse because of all that. I'm lonely, lost, and I feel like I don't belong anywhere. And this is kind of difficult to talk about because most people have a very clear vision of romance and they say I'm just scared of commitment (maybe I am ????) and the discussion ends. Honestly, since I've discovered aromanticism I feel both better and worse. So please help. -Kai
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    Is it a QPR/squish ?

    I've never seen QPR defined as a commitment... And I saw that some people consider that squishes can involve sex. But if these are the "true" definition then what I feel is pretty far from that... I got to say this kinda bump me off because I thought I had found words for what I am feeling ... I feel even more lost honestly. Is there any words for "squish with sex" and "QPR with no commitment" ? I know words are not necessary but I personally need them, like REALLY need them for some reasons, not having words for my feelings/relationships is just so confusing and makes me feel even more lonely and lost because I feel like nobody understands and like I'm just fucked up. I've never experienced "falling in love", and I don't really understand actually so that's why I think I'm aromantic, but on the other hand I still feel that "special feeling/bond" with some people but I just don't know how to define it. I've read some things about "alterous love" maybe it's something like that, idk. (sorry for my english if it's bad, I'm french)