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  1. @anzu2snow wow, I'm sorry you had such a hard time with that, that sucks. I know I see aspec folks from that area on ACEapp, so you would think there would be more interest, but I guess not.
  2. bananaslug

    Does aromanticism affect appearance?

    I don't wear makeup, but I do try to dress nicely. That said, tend to default to wearing just slightly too large sweaters and shirts so that people won't notice my curves. I want to look cute, but I don't want people to be attracted to me, it's a hard line to balance.
  3. @anzu2snow I wonder if you could start a Seattle and Surrounding Ace's group up in Poulsbo. I know they do meet ups in Kenmore and Bellevue too, and if you're associated with them then your group would get promoted on their meetup and facebook. I don't know who you would contact about that though. Maybe redbeardace on tumblr? @evelyn it looks like there's an ace meetup group in Portland that might be closer to you. I've never been to their events (I'm from Seattle) so Idk how many aros would be there but here's a link to their meet up page
  4. It's just called "Seattle Ace's". They have meetups all around the Seattle area, but I find that the ones where you're most likely to meet other aro's are the monthly discussion groups at the Gay City auditorium in Capitol Hill. Here's their website http://www.seattleaces.org/ They also have facebook and meet up if you want to find them there!
  5. Seattle Ace's usually has a fair number of aro's in attendance if you're ever in the area