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  1. @hopeisnotlost Hi Ray! Life of Tass here, I finally managed to join as well!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm Life of Tass from AVEN, and I went through a legitimate odyssey of my own creation trying to create an account on here. Basically, on the first time trying to create an account, I accidentally put an email adress which wasn't mine but was still valid (mine had a set of numbers on it which I forgot to write). Well, I changed the email address but cancelled the registration afterwards, so then I was locked out. This all happened yesterday. If an admin happens to see this, the would-be account with the display name "A gallon of PVA glue" was mine, and I apologise for causing this huge mess. Other than that, I'm demisexual and gray-romantic. I went through quite some trouble trying to figure that out. When I heard about arocalypse, I thought "Ah, there's yet another place for my partial aroness to chill in!" (and then the mess with the account happened...) so here I am! I really like making idiotic puns and references. Allow me to demonstrate. As I mentioned that I had gone through an odyssey of my own creation, I can confidently say that I have reached the island of aro-Calypso! I'm gonna stay here for at least 7 years. I look forward to chatting with you all!
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