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  1. TheThing

    What is your definition of a QPR/squish?

    Well, I kind of define QPR as a platonic relationship with someone who is special and close to you, kind of like a romantic one without romance in it. Well, that’s from my experiences anyway, the definitions are very different depending on who you ask. A squish to me is someone who you have the desire to meet and become good friends with. Even then, that definition changes too!
  2. TheThing

    Art Thread

    I found it on the internet, public domain image, I don’t know where though... one of the vaporwave people in the Amino community found it. Can’t remember where.
  3. TheThing

    Tell me about your day

    Well, it’s gone pretty well, thank you! I did maths, quite a lot of maths actually! Went on a walk, practiced for my festival appearance for percussion, drawn a few drawings and browsed the internet. Pretty boring and mediocre but it’s gonna be pretty hectic and fun tomorrow!
  4. TheThing

    How many of us are musicians?

    I learned how to play quite a lot of percussion instruments, I’ve actually got quite a few awards and stuff for it. And it’s something that I enjoy doing and my favourite percussion instruments is Snare drum, Tambourine and African drums. I sing too, and am trying to learn piano too, I’m okay!
  5. TheThing

    Art Thread

    I made this... a day or so ago...
  6. TheThing

    NB Aros?

    Hey, an Agender person here, and for the question, I get more people asking “who are you attracted to?” But I had worked out my gender and my romantic/sexual orientation at around the same time, which was Aro/Ace. When I explain it, it doesn’t help.
  7. Yeah, you can! They are two separate attractions, like other types of attractions. And hey, it could change too! You’re romantic and sexual attraction is separate. Best of luck, Thing