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  1. I feel all loopy and drowsy cause i was put on anesthetic to get some teeth extracted today and i wish i could invite a friend over to keep me company. i'm pretty sure everyone's busy and wouldn't come over just for me but i'm just playing stardew valley and chilling and stuff so its ok.
    getting put to sleep was kind of scary because of the mask thingy they put on me but waking up was a-ok and im glad i finally got it over with after worrying about it for so long 💜

    1. Emerald Cheetah

      Emerald Cheetah

      ooooo I remember when I got 4 teeth pulled out and it was not a pleasant experience either. Though I didn't get put to sleep. Was it wisdom teeth that you got pulled out? When I got my teeth pulled out they gave me shots that were suppose to numb my mouth but almost all my feeling came back after they got the 2nd tooth out. And For a few years, I had to eat with my teeth in the very front or very back of my mouth because the 4 teeth I had pulled out were in the middle on both sides of my mouth. heh good times, good times.

    2. Nikola


      nope, it wasn't wisdom teeth, i dont think mine came in just yet. but I think it was the premolars that got extracted?? one on each side were taken out, i had to get them removed cause of overcrowding, and because i need braces soon 😅

      o rip, that sounds painful. can you eat better now, at least? 😮

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