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  1. So one of my friends got dumped by a guy she kind of wasn't dating (but pretty much was dating) and she spent half of lunch complaining about it. All of my friends were like "Wow he's a jerk" but I just wanted to roll my eyes because this has happened before. I kind of wanted to support the guy because I'd be uncomfortable too if a girl was sobbing on my couch. I think women don't understand that men are taught to be logical not emotional. So Of course he wouldn't know how to respond to an emotionally charged situation!!!! Why am I the only one that can actually understand these kind of things when I've never dated?  😒


  2. Emerald Cheetah


    Hiii! I just joined like a week ago so sammeee. I'm sure you'll like it here as it appears we have new members joining every week.
  3. Emerald Cheetah

    Managing being third-wheeled by your friends?

    Yeah I definitely know how you feel here. One of my most painful experiences in school involved the third-wheel scenario. Let's just get to the story because it's a long one. So, it all started in 4th grade. My classmates and I were sitting by the lockers and I noticed a new student talking to the teachers. When I saw her, I could just tell that she'd be my friend (haha. nope. no romo. just friends). We really hit off as we both loved to draw and shortly after, we became best friends. We hung out all the time and everyone knew how close we were. It was great, but it didn't last because...well...High school happened. 7th grade was the beginning of many things, and our friendship began to suffer...at least from my perspective it did. My best friend got a boyfriend. At first, I didn't care but I knew the boy she was dating and I knew he wasn't for her. He swore all the time, while my friend...didn't. He was the typical bad boy and my friend was head over heels. Though this relationship didn't last long and he dumped her around Valentine's day. When it was over, I was relieved and I hoped that things would go back to normal...But of course they didn't. Throughout 7th and 8th grade, I became slowly irritated. My irritation spread to other areas and I often got angry when we were texting. Little things I found annoying became 10 times worse to me. Like how she often responded with 1 word text messages while I was actually trying to have a conversation. It's currently 12th grade, and already she's dated too many boys for me to keep count of. I remember in 9th around homecoming, one of the boys on the cross country team approached me and asked if he could ask my friend to homecoming. I was like "Sure!" and he did. I was also asked to homecoming by a boy but I didn't think anything of it. I was like "Oh a boy asked me to homecoming. Nothing big. We're just friends...Right?" hahahahahahahaha. no. After 9th grade homecoming, it's like all my friends who went with boys started dating them. The boy I went with even asked me out...I said yes but a few hours later, I had to break it off because I was so stressed thinking about the whole dating thing. I couldn't take it because I knew I felt nothing for him. My best friend dated the guy for a few months and I felt so isolated. I felt like she only hanged out with me when it was convenient. We didn't walk in the hallways to class anymore and I missed it. She instead decided to spend that time walking with "him". They hung out every chance they could, but she never made attempts to hang out with me. This relationship lasted until winter when it was broken off. Again, I felt relieved and I hoped it would get better. But during winter break, I learned she had hooked up with someone else. I literally felt like screaming inside. Not long after, I confronted her with the issue through text. I worded it in the nicest way possible and described how I felt. She said she would do something to fix it. The only thing she did that week was say hi to me in class one day. nothing else out of the ordinary. A week or so later, I confronted her again a little more agitated. She said she was planning something for the next day or something. The next day I waited. During my online class/study hall I assumed she'd do something but nothing happened. Nothing. When I asked her about it, she said she was going to do something but didn't. My anger just kept rising. I felt like she didn't actually care about our friendship! The next time, I lost my cool. Over text, I said "goodbye" and she said "Stop". I never responded and it was over. It really hurt at first. She moved out of my locker after just having moved in a few weeks or months earlier. I really hurt. I even cried over it, and I don't cry that often. But after awhile, I began to heal and now, I feel much more free. It still hurts to think about, but I know that if I stayed her friend that I would have continued to suffer.There was no way around it. My friend was a hopeless romantic and I was an aromantic that couldn't understand. I would comment some advice but this thread was created in 2016 and it's well...2018 right now. But to anyone else who might be reading through this, talk to them about it. If you don't say something, they're gonna be too blinded by love to notice and so nothing will ever change. However If, after that, nothing changes then they're not worth keeping as your friend. Surround yourself with friends that will value you instead of treating you as the backup friend or third wheel. Don't cling onto a friendship that won't last because it will only hurt more when it ends.
  4. Emerald Cheetah

    Aro memes

    This is the best I could find from Pinterest (some aren't really even memes though. They're just jokes): https://www.pinterest.es/pin/298433912789955120/ https://www.pinterest.es/pin/433893745329277436/ https://www.pinterest.es/pin/282671314085626653/ https://www.pinterest.es/pin/251216485444890846/ https://www.pinterest.es/pin/AVrwawYoBViL0b1rVfgnSC1bymkH-MZmhJ9rhHQjuUUMPlu3PDahM14/ Yeah. The Aro community really doesn't have any memes. WE NEED MORE MEMES PLEASE.
  5. Emerald Cheetah

    Aromantic Character Headcanons

    @mythlady YES SO TRUE. Spoilers for non-RWBY viewers below!!!!!!
  6. Emerald Cheetah

    Awesome Things About Being Arospec

    -not having to share the bed or bedroom with anyone else I'm not sure if this is just me, but prior to realizing my aromanticism, one of my worries was explaining to my future partner why I don't want to sleep in the same bed. Seriously I sleep terribly if I don't have my own bed and I'm super paranoid so I won't want to move because then I might annoy the other person in the bed, etc. etc. I've learned well from sleepovers that I NEED. MY. OWN. ROOM. Luckily, I don't have to worry about this anymore 😏
  7. Emerald Cheetah


    haha just stalking Arocalypse. I got a 3 day weekend because today is Columbus day! woooo thanks Columbus for the day off.
  8. Emerald Cheetah

    Aromanticism effect on social skills

    Wow that's harsh! I can't believe people would tell you to change your clothes. Though I guess every school is different. I tend to dress a little differently in that I have an obsession over leggings so I'll wear some crazy patterns on my legs but nobody ever tells me to change even though 99% of the school doesn't dress the same as me. I've even started seeing people wear cat ears to school (BEST. TREND. EVER. and I usually couldn't care less about most trends). Woo! Isn't being a minority so much fun? But yeah differing interests definitely plays a part. It's hard to have a conversation when I absolutely don't care about the topic at hand.
  9. Emerald Cheetah

    Hogwarts Houses!

    I'm a Slytherin 😊 Once, my friends asked me what my house was and they had the most horrified look when I told them I was a Slytherin. It was quite hilarious actually! Most of my friends are Hufflepuffs though which I find...interesting
  10. Emerald Cheetah

    Hola a todos! Newbie here

    Go ahead! 😂
  11. Emerald Cheetah

    Aromanticism effect on social skills

    It's not that we think everybody socializes to date others. This is all pure speculation out of curiosity. It's like when you see people taking a quiz on which Disney princess they are. Humans just love taking personality quizzes in hopes that they might tell us something new about ourselves (after all, humans love categorizing things) even if the quiz is as odd as comparing ourselves to Disney Princesses. Because many of us here are Aromantic, that means we have a desire to understand more about what makes us Aromantic and why. This poll is just an attempt at understanding the community. Whether or not the poll will show good results or not, is unknown, but there's nothing wrong with trying. I assure you, no assumptions have been made here. We're just trying to find answers.
  12. Emerald Cheetah

    Most aro song of the 2000s?

    @Ice Queen OMG I LOVE THIS SONG (celtic songs are just so good). I never viewed it as an aromantic song, though I can see where you're coming from. It makes a lot of sense. I can't believe I never noticed that theme.
  13. Emerald Cheetah

    Aromanticism effect on social skills

    @Jot-Aro Kujo Yeah I can relate with that. Especially since I'm not like most of the other girls in my age group.I'm not sure what you think of the MBTI but I'm an INTP which is like the opposite personality type that most girls have (Most girls are ESFJ's or ISFJ's). Being different definitely has drawbacks when it comes to socializing but I kind of like it. Conformity is boring anyways!
  14. Emerald Cheetah

    Aromanticism effect on social skills

    lol my socializing skills are ok as long as the topic of conversation is not emotions in general and/or anything related to love. Whenever my friends talk about their boyfriends/girlfriends, I literally have no idea how to respond because any socially acceptable way would require me to lie about how I actually feel. I usually just sit there while everyone else is talking and I keep my mouth shut because anything I have to say about the topic would be pretty negative (ex. Seriously? Another crush? Didn't you learn your lesson from the last one?)
  15. Emerald Cheetah

    Conflicting Pizza Preferences

    So today I was at a marching band competition and I was in the stands with a few of my friends when one of my friends commented that the pizza had too much sauce on it. Now I was totally shocked because I personally prefer my pizza to have a lot of sauce. However she said that she preferred her pizzas to have more cheese than sauce. What about you guys?