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  1. CheeseOverlord

    Does aromanticism affect appearance?

    i just wear really comfortable clothes, like sweatpants and stuff The only thing that really matters to me about clothes is that I don't feel trapped in them
  2. CheeseOverlord

    Movie/TV Series Recommendations?

    Yeah, you're right, I should have mentioned that. I personally find that kind of thing really funny, but it's definitely not for everyone. Most anime is pretty grossly sexual though (it's kind of how they do over there).
  3. CheeseOverlord

    Movie/TV Series Recommendations?

    If you're into anime, I really enjoyed Lucky Star, because it's just about a group of friends hanging out, and having fun together. I think romance was only mentioned in one or two scenes, and even then it was brief.
  4. CheeseOverlord

    You might be aro if...

    YMBAI you ruined your public image and made yourself unattractive just to prevent people from flirting with you
  5. CheeseOverlord

    Early signs that you were aro

    When I was younger, I used to play would you rather online, and whenever a "love/romance vs ___" question came up, I would always choose the thing that wasn't romance, and was shocked when the majority of people chose romance It definitely didn't help my self-esteem that all the comments said that everyone who didn't choose romantic love was heartless and should just leave the planet
  6. CheeseOverlord

    How are You a 'Bad' Aromantic Spectrum Person?

    I'm actually very good at seeing romantic subplots in movies (although I hate them with a passion)
  7. CheeseOverlord

    Managing being third-wheeled by your friends?

    Come on, guys Everybody knows that a vehicle with a third wheel is much more stable than one with fewer wheels
  8. CheeseOverlord

    Our Favourite Aromantic Songs

    I like to think that "Tractor" by They Might Be Giants is about an aro who really loves their cat
  9. CheeseOverlord

    Coming out stories!

    When I first came out as aro to my friend, she thought I was joking at first, and had to ask for clarification the next day (I have trouble sounding sincere). Once I told her that I was being serious, she didn't seem surprised, and was really supportive She also probably came out to more people for me than I did, which was kind of weird, but she was really happy for me, and it was easier than me doing it myself, so I didn't mind. She already knew about aromanticism too, so she didn't misrepresent me. I made sure to explain it myself when I came out as grey-ace though, as that's a bit more complicated. I'm still not out to my parents though. I think that they'll support me, but it just hasn't come up yet.