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  1. DannyFenton123

    Petition to fix the Papo thread to Mr. Squiggles

    Is there an 'other' option?
  2. Oh my god, Steven Universe. Just in general, oh my god.

    1. Zae


      Yes, I really want to know what's gonna happen next~

  3. DannyFenton123

    Scariest movies for you as a child

    Gremlins. Those things still creep me out today.
  4. DannyFenton123


    An MS Paint illustration of amazingness
  5. DannyFenton123

    Who is mr Squiggles?

    No, this is a British warrior
  6. DannyFenton123

    Your funny/failish stories

    I put sugar into diet coke. Big mistake; not only does it not improve the taste, it leaves a huge mess
  7. Danny you've reached 700 posts!!!!!!

  8. DannyFenton123

    Who is mr Squiggles?

    Papos and ice cream: all an aro ever needs in life
  9. DannyFenton123

    Hu... Hello ?

    Welcome to the forums! Have some ice cream
  10. I attended the town hall meeting for Jeff Flake today xD 

    1. Vcat


      "Brutal face-to-face confrontation with angry constituents"

      So it was a pretty tame crowd then?

    2. DannyFenton123


      Don't worry, we only chanted 'FLAKE OUT FLAKE OUT FLAKE OUT' a few times ;) 

    3. Vcat


      Hahahaha the azcentral article makes you guys sound like a mob

      And Happy Birthday! :aroicecream: (I think that's ice cream lol)

  11. International Woman's Day!

  12. DannyFenton123

    Hi Everyone!

    Hey, welcome to the forums! It's awesome to have you here! (Also awesome work writing those two books! I'm working on some ideas myself )
  13. DannyFenton123

    Count as high as possible before a staff member posts!

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not 0
  14. DannyFenton123


    Welcome to Arocalypse! I hope you enjoy it here