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  1. I'm in a similar position and I personally just don't really care if I "count" as aromantic. It's so hard to define romantic attraction (we tried it in this post) that I can't ever know that i don't experience it. If I one day feel something I recognize as romantic attraction I know I'm not aromantic but up to that point I'll just label as (questioning) aromantic. However, this might be easier for me than for others as me being a male nerd with bad conversation skills severely limits the odds of somebody falling in love with me and thus the chance of having to handle difficult situations. (Right now my contingency plan for somebody falling in love with me is to tell her that I'm probably aromantic and then (if I think it could work) ask if she still wants a relationship (I've got a pretty high romance tolerance, so it might work)). But deciding whether one is aromantic is something everybody has to figure out for themselves as only you know what you feel.
  2. This page seems to be left over from the early days of arocalypse. www.arocalypse.com/index was the main site of the old arocalypse forum and I suspect it was intended to keep links to the old site alive. It might well have been forgotten as it is the only part of the website which uses wordpress.
  3. The problem is that all commercial sites will be responsible and can be sued for everything their users upload, so if this was a commercial site, you'd have to ensure nobody can upload copyrighted material for example through upload filters. Further information: https://juliareda.eu/2019/02/eu-copyright-final-text/
  4. Is Arocalpse older than 3 years and does the new european copyright directive apply? If so, is there any plan on how to handle it when it eventually comes into effect? I just wondered about how Arocalypse is going to deal with this issue. Edit: Sorry, I just noticed that Arocalypse might be off the hook due to not being for profit and making any money.
  5. I don't think it would be effective, as there are only about 500 active users on here, which are from across the world so the chance of someone compatible being on here and living in one's area is really tiny. But if someone wants to try their luck, I wouldn't have a problem if they did it in a place specifically designed for it (subforum, thread, etc.)
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