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  1. Tagor

    Allow personals/dating requests?

    I don't think it would be effective, as there are only about 500 active users on here, which are from across the world so the chance of someone compatible being on here and living in one's area is really tiny. But if someone wants to try their luck, I wouldn't have a problem if they did it in a place specifically designed for it (subforum, thread, etc.)
  2. Tagor

    Count to one million 🐭

  3. Tagor

    Do I "just" hate romance?

    If didn't already did it, it might help to look through the list of orientations and choose one that suits you. From what I've read on this forum, many people here have (had) some friendships they aren't sure if they are completely platonic or romantic. The problem with questions like this is that there isn't a clear definition what romantic attraction actually is , as even the alloromantic person I asked said "you just know when you're in love" which isn't really helpful. Regarding taliking oneself into "being in love" with someone: I've been told that if you make a conscious decision, you aren't in love, which eliminated basically all instances where I thought it might have been love, and the rest vanished when I thought about if I would be jealous if they took somebody else. I hope I could help at least a little bit.
  4. Tagor


    Hello, welcome to Arocalypse!
  5. Tagor


    I never saw the "ready player one" film, but if it's like this in the film it's especially sad because in the book art3mis leaves him alone multiple times specifically for him to focus on saving the OASIS instead of trying to impress her. In general, I think the book is better. Hey, the whole first key was obtained via a D&D adventure, taht is enough on it's own.
  6. Tagor

    Does aromanticism affect appearance?

    I never cared about my looks, but that might just be the result of me being an introverted nerd. I just think it would be way too much if I had to actively choose what to wear and things like that.
  7. Tagor

    Romance in media

    As I like to learn things a lot and am interested in almost everything I like books dealing with romance or having a romance subplot. They help me understand how romance works for alloromantics and how you can spot it. I read them for the same reason I read scientific papers about romantic attraction - it's just interesting and may be helpful sometimes.
  8. Tagor

    How’s it goin

    Hello 🙂
  9. Tagor

    How many of us are musicians?

    I've also been playing the clarinet for about eight years now. But why are there so few flutes here? In every there always seem to be twice as many flutes as clarinets (at least in Germany).
  10. Tagor

    General site suggestions

    I just noticed that some emojis ( , ) aren't shown here . This can lead to some sentences which don't make any sense, so if there's an easy way to fi it, it should be fixed.