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  1. Tagor

    Count to one million 🐭

  2. Tagor

    Does aromanticism affect appearance?

    I never cared about my looks, but that might just be the result of me being an introverted nerd. I just think it would be way too much if I had to actively choose what to wear and things like that.
  3. Tagor

    Count to one million 🐭

  4. Tagor

    Romance in media

    As I like to learn things a lot and am interested in almost everything I like books dealing with romance or having a romance subplot. They help me understand how romance works for alloromantics and how you can spot it. I read them for the same reason I read scientific papers about romantic attraction - it's just interesting and may be helpful sometimes.
  5. Tagor

    How’s it goin

    Hello 🙂
  6. Tagor

    How many of us are musicians?

    I've also been playing the clarinet for about eight years now. But why are there so few flutes here? In every there always seem to be twice as many flutes as clarinets (at least in Germany).
  7. Tagor

    General site suggestions

    I just noticed that some emojis ( , ) aren't shown here . This can lead to some sentences which don't make any sense, so if there's an easy way to fi it, it should be fixed.
  8. But I think the reason why aromantic symbols aren't really widespread is, besides only being recognized relatively recent, that aromantics don't really need to find each other. Homosexuals and to a lesser extent aces want to enter into a romantic relationship and thus are looking for somebody like them. For aros on the other hand, half of them aren't interested in some form of cohabiting as they are aroace and (from what I've heard) friends just are enough for them. For allosexual aros, in my opinion, it is just easier to look for close friends who share your interests and then introduce them to aromanticism than to try finding another allosexual aro and hope that he or she shares your interests. The chance of meeting such a person in the real world by accident just is really tiny. Disclaimer: I don't have any real experience with dating and thing like this, this is just what I thought reading through this forum. And I know many of us would like to meet another aro in the real world just to talk a bit, but at least for me this is just like "yeah, it would be cool to meet someone", but it doesn't have a high priority as exchanging experiences online is possible and way more convenient than talking to someone in person.
  9. This topic basically was discussed here already, but there wasn't really an answer. In my opinion, the flag and a green colors are sufficient for most purposes as basically nobody outside of the LGBT community knows it. If I had to choose a symbol, I would vote for a green and black arrow on a white background. This would be even less obvious than a flag but would still represent the aro colors and use the widely known arrow as a symbol. My problem with rings and a green heart, which also was a suggested symbol, is that as a male I can't really wear them as it would be uncommon to wear them in general, independent of the color. Another problem of a green heart is that it is either to common (completely green) or basically like the flag and really obvious (in flag colors).
  10. I did a poll some while ago about the gender distribution here on the forum. Apparently, there are twice as many females here than males. This result was also reproduced by a study I saw on tumblr some while ago. Since then I've been wondering if this is something which inherent to aromanticism or if it is just a sampling bias. Right now, my theory is that it is a sampling bias caused by women talking more often about love with their friends. If this is true, it might lead to an increased psychological strain because of not being able to contribute anything to the conversation and just realizing more easily that something is "off", resulting in a higher proportion of women actually investigating about aromanticism. But I don't have any experience with this. I can just say for myself that I personally basically never talk about love with my friends (but this could also just be because all of my friends are nerds) and only looked into aromanticism because of curiosity as I didn't think it would matter much if I was aromantic.
  11. Tagor

    Real friends with benefits are a rarity

    For me, it's the same from the other side. I'd like to be friends with some girls, but I'm interested in math, computers and physics which doesn't make it easy to find someone to really have a conversation with as I'm even worse at finding a topic everybodys interested in than at starting conversations (at which I'm pretty bad).