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  1. Welcome! I'm agender and asexual as well
  2. THIS. The controlling aspect of romantic relationships really sounds awful to me: Being expected to act in a certain way,feel the same as the other person etc. Being around another person daily, and ending up becoming another person altogether just to please that person. Ugh I get anxious just thinking about it.
  3. Some people have a fluid romantic or sexual orientation,so yes it's possible. Other people feel like their orientation is fixed.Another thing to remember is that people sometimes don't have the right words for their experiences, and may change how they identify later after coming to a better understanding of themselves. Having said all of that, I'm not very fond of "born this way" or "fluid" arguments for various reasons. Firstly,people should be able to identify how they want. Secondly "born this way" arguments make it seem as if there is something almost shameful about an identity,a "they cant help it" sort of attitude. I honestly couldn't care less whether someone feels they were born aro,ace,gay,bi,greyro etc or not. All I care about is supporting that person and accepting them for who they are.Some people have a more fluid romantic or sexual orientation. Others don't. Humans are complex at the end of the day.
  4. Post about any horror related content here (horror films,horror fiction etc). As a kickstart here are two horror authors worth checking out: Shirley Jackson Edgar Allan Poe
  5. I've always been wary about coming out but have realized that being as open as possible is best for communication purposes. People are far more likely to understand and be supportive if I am able to explain my experiences to them (without giving too much of a life story or trying to justify my feelings). Seeing as I am interested in being in a QPR, being open about being arospec (and ace) will hopefully assist me in communicating my intentions more effectively,thereby enabling others to better understand my experiences,while also helping me navigate my relationships with others better.
  6. Hey everyone,I've started a new blog where I will be discussing the importance of aromantic (and asexual) visibility. Please feel free to check it out,there's a link on my profile page.Thanks! PS if you are a horror nerd then my blog may be of interest as well
  7. Hello! Some people have a more fluid sexuality than others,so it's a possibility. Hope you enjoy your stay here
  8. I don't mind interacting with others in a professional context. Socially-as little as possible and preferably one to one.Then again I would be okay with moderate social interaction if the person "gets" me. This does not happen often of course haha
  9. On my own for the most part ,with someone that can stay over every now and then as a long term arrangement (seperate sleeping spaces obviously). The idea of someone else being in the same living space as I am daily freaks me out a little (okay more than a little),even if the person does give me personal space. I would be okay with staying on my own long term (assuming practicalities do not get in the way) should the "right" friend not come along though.
  10. I have actually been in such a situation unfortunately. Wasn't fun.Which is why I've decided to stop explaining myself. People can accept me as I am or they can leave haha
  11. Hmm interesting.You mentioned that you never really had crushes but then later talk about the fact that you used to want a relationship.Not sure if you want to elaborate on that? I'm not very fond of telling people how they should identify , theorizing why they identify a certain way etc. Having said that,you might want to ask yourself whether you knew about aromanticism or asexuality when you started identifying as bisexual.Many people simply spend years not knowing that identifying as asexual or aromantic is an option.Furthermore,you might want to ask yourself if societal pressure to be in a romantic/sexual relationship might be influencing your emotions in any way and what impact it had in the past.As for being depressed,it doesn't invalidate your identity whatsoever.You know yourself best Sometimes it helps to be brutally honest with yourself about your feelings,without judging yourself or being concerned with what others might think.Easier said than done of course. As for having a similar experience- yes and no.I spent quite a number of years not knowing that being aromantic/arospec or asexual was an option.Societal pressure also made me try to convince myself that I was interested in romance and sex when I really wasn't. I'm not sure if you find any of that information helpful though.The only advice I can give you is to be as honest with yourself as possible while remembering to be kind to yourself as well.
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