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  1. Hi there! Welcome ☺️ I hope this site helps you to find the answers you seek.
  2. YMBAI being in a romantic relationship/seeking a partner seems like too much effort. YMBAI romance seem like a nice enough idea if viewed from a distance but completely grosses you out when you really think about it in detail. YMBAI you think you might have romantic feelings towards someone only to have those feeling fade away completely in a matter of weeks,making you question whether you even felt those feelings in the first place.
  3. I'm an antinatalist so childless thankfully. I like kids though ( prefer them to most adults actually)
  4. Mostly Classical and Dark ambient music (Schumann,Debussy,Kammarheit,Atrium Carceri)
  5. Cringed at quite a number of the questions but results are somewhat accurate ( I'm transfeminine agender ( AMAB) physically I guess I would present myself in a somewhat androgynous way.People pick up on this ocassionally which is fine with me.Psychologically I lean towards feminine. ( femmeandro I guess)Behaviorally I'm pretty feminine.Only interested in a social transition. At peace with who I am but society being shitty can get to me sometimes. My actual results from this test: raw score 525 : overall feminine. Appearance: masculine brain processes:female person socializes in a feminine manner. Major conflict about identity. Male to Female possibly transsexual.Answers indicate that psychological state has prevailed since quite young.
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