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  1. Silyun

    Cupioromantic quiz

    That looks fun ! 1. "I enjoy fictional romantic relationships and would like to experience the same kinds of feelings" I absolutely love romance in fiction and I love shipping but no I don't desire experiencing those feelings. 2. "I like nearly everything about romantic relationships but do not experience romantic attraction" Same as @Mark . 3. "I would like to be in a romantic relationship, just not with anyone I have ever met" No. 4. "I love the idea of romance but I can't deal with it in real life" No. I don't dislike the idea but it's not for me. 5. "I would like to be in a romantic relationship for practical reasons (not feelings)" I wouldn't like that but I think I'd get into a romantic relationship if I had a really good reason (other than love obviously). 6. "I think I would like it if someone had romantic feelings for me" At the begining I think I'd like it to know I'm desirable but after a few days I know I'd feel uncomfortable so no. 7. "I would be fine in a romantic relationship or a QPR" A QPR definitely ! Otherwise no. 8. "I would like to know what it's like to experience romantic attraction" Hmm hard to say.... I wouldn't like that I think. 9. "I'd rather be romantic than aromantic" It'd be easier to be romantic but I don't know. 10. "I can't imagine spending the rest of my life as an aromantic person" I've made my peace with being single and without a life partner for the rest of my life so it's okay. 11. "Being in a romantic relationship would help me attain other goals in my life" I think it'd prevent me from reaching them. 12. "I think dating sounds like fun" Heck no. It sounds horrible. Talking to a stranger to know if you're romantically compatible ? Nop. I guess I'm very much aro haha
  2. Silyun

    Canon Aromantic Character!

    It's nice having more aros/aces represented !
  3. Silyun

    The thinking asexual

    I agree with @Apathetic Echidna about the writing style. I like that their articles are really thought through, the author makes a lot of good points but at the same time it's a little too black and white for my taste. Same here. Identities are already complicated enough as it is (especially aro/ace identities) and I don't like the idea of having an "a-police" telling us if we're not aro or ace enough to be able to call ourselves that (do I make sense ? I don't know). Demi/grayromantic and demi/graysexual are valid orientations and I don't mind them calling themselves aro and or/ace. Yes, some people can argue that because it's not about the who but about the how, it's different but they do experience a lack of attraction at some point.
  4. Silyun

    Aromanticism in one sentence

    I love in my own way
  5. Oh you're right, sorry ^^"
  6. Silyun

    Aro playlist

    I found out about them about a week ago ! It's nice to see that we "exist" in other places than arocalypse. I watched her video about being aro but I had no idea she could sing !
  7. I identify as demisexual and I relate to everything you said. That's basically the story of my life haha. You know, even if you're not 100% sure, it's okay to identify as demisexual if you feel that you fit in this category. You can always identify as something else in the future, sexuality is fluid after all Oh and I'm sorry it didn't work out with him, it's tough
  8. Silyun

    Aro playlist

    I knew about him but it's not the type of music I like to listen to, unfortunately. I've seen lots of aros say that they relate a lot to this but I .. Don't ? But it's nice to see an aro artist ! The songs I know that fit into the "power/anti romance" category are : Some classic aro anthem : Love love love - Of monsters and men I am not a robot - Marina and the Diamonds Heart heavy - Mother mother Others : Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld Friends - Anne Marie and Marshmello We don't have to dance - Andy Black (it's about anxiety if I remember correctly but you can interpret it the way you want to) Ribcage - Andy Black Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan Oh no - Marina and the diamonds Mud Blood - Loic Nottet Kpop : Let's not fall in love - Bigbang (some of the lyrics give me an aro vibe) One of a kind - G dragon Mic Drop - BTS & Steve Aoki Dope - BTS (it's about working hard and becoming great) I think I'll add some in the future but for now that's all I can come up with x)
  9. Silyun

    Early signs that you were aro

    I get it. As a minimalist I can't see myself living with someone who has lots of stuff. In my ideal relationship, we'd be living close to each other but definitely not in the same appartment. Same. I'd like to share it sometimes but not every single day.
  10. Hey guys ! I put it in the title but I'm going to repeat it : There will be spoilers, especially for the season 4. As you know if you watch the show, Todd came out as asexual (yay !) but he definitely has an aro vibe. He said things like "I think I'm not allowed to be in love" and that he never had crushes. However, at the end of the season, he agrees to go on a date with an asexual woman. Do you think he'll come out as aromantic as well ? I would like that soooo much and what he said indicates that he could be on the aro spectrum. But at the same time, I think the showrunners will put him in a romantic relationship just to make it more "interesting" 🙁
  11. Silyun

    Early signs that you were aro

    I realized a few days ago that when I was in middle school I used to picture my brother married with children and me, single. I liked the idea of being the cool aunt who only had casual relationships with no romantic feelings involved x)
  12. Silyun

    The thinking asexual

    I didn't know any of that about AVEN ! I knew some people disliked it but I didn't really know why. I joined AVEN before Arocalypse and I didn't have any issues with it, people were usually nice but since I'm aro/demisexual my aro side didn't feel represented enough. Unfortunately, 70% of the posts in the aro section are from people questioning their identity (not that there's anything wrong with that but I wanted more discussions about being aro).
  13. Silyun

    Romantic Attraction

    Yeah it's tough I've always wanted to adopt a kid someday but I'd love to raise it with someone and as you said, it's difficult to do when you're not in a romantic relationship. Ughhh, I hate this. I think an ideal relationship would be like the concept of fusion in Steven Universe. The fusion is a separate entity made by 2 complete persons but they can still stay appart if they want to. I don't know if it's clear or not ><"
  14. Silyun


    I mainly ship fictional characters in queer platonic relationships. For now I have : - Sherlock/Watson, a classic. - Joey/Phoebe (Friends). They are soooo cute together, I love them. - Carson/Hughes (Downton Abbey). I love when they spend time together talking about their day. - Howard/Raj (The Big Bang Theory)