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  1. Hey there fam squad, welcome
  2. Hello friend and welcome
  3. Sock puppets?
  4. Well traditions tend to change and adapt over time. I guess think about the most important aspect of these meetings, to me it sounds like spending time together despite the distance barrier. What I would suggest is telling her that you just want that connection and that's the important part then maybe you can come to a compromise.
  5. UK Election Exit Poll: Hung Parliament. Trust me that's a good thing compared to the alternative.

    1. Arocalypse


      Anything to keep the Tories out

    2. Louis Hypo

      Louis Hypo

      My home city was plastered with "Cuntservative" messages today.

    3. Arocalypse
  6. Is that not the single parent model? I don't think model has much effect on the upbringing, it would obviously be down to the people bringing up the child. Although it is put on a podium as idyllic which isn't true. Just so long there's someone truly caring and raising and no bad people in the home it's all good.
  7. I guess you could say we experience love through a different lens and feeling uncomfortable with society's norms definitely garners sympathy from other LG... people who also act outside those boundaries. Plus love is love and any type of love goes (within consensual agreements)
  8. No that seems fine, and they'd probably be delighted to be asked. Think how you'd feel if asked by a new friend to go to a birthday party, I know I'd be happy. Plus by then you'll have known them for 3 weeks which must be long enough.
  9. FTFY
  10. Hey guy, you're not just my buddy, you're my friend.
  11. What would you assume if I said stool? Also what is a toilet-related stall? That's not in my vocabulary.
  12. And it takes two to stall
  13. Welcome to the rest of your life as an enlightened individual
  14. Ice cream emoticon bee emoticon
  15. Hallo and a welcome to arocalypse