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  1. G'day

    I'm almost as emotional as Donald Glover.
  2. Where are you from?

    Like V.M. Varga, I am a citizen of the air.
  3. Site Upgrade Themes

    I've noticed a problem with white appearing over the notifications on dark theme.
  4. Change one word!

    Resurrected now* *This thread of course.
  5. Hey!

    Hey saf, how's things? We just changed the layout so sorry if it looks broken.
  6. Be the newest comment

    No see you should see it like a bunch of monitors, all with different themes.
  7. Favorite Podcasts?

    My all time favourite is Triforce and it's just 3 guys (Lewis, Sips and Pyrion Flax of the Yogscast) talking about things that annoy them, being parents, video games and situations they've gotten themselves into. It's so hilarious and the way their personalities collide is always a pleasure to listen to. I'd recommend you listen to 13: Portage Killer, 32: Putu, Putu and You, Too, 34: I Don't Care What You Did Last Summer, 43: Alexa: Mother, Sister, Lover. In these they talk about how hard it is to find and kill campers, haggling over such little money in Bali, annoying parents and friends, and Amazon Echo becoming a family member your son says goodnight to every night. Really worth a listen.
  8. Site Upgrade Themes

    So dark blue now looks better; no unnecessary light thankfully. And dark green has improved too. I like how the background's black at the top and it slowly turns dark grey as you go down.
  9. Be the newest comment

    Send help; too much white in black theme.
  10. Site Upgrade Themes

    The best looking one now is default blue. But dark blue has white around the text box so maybe invert all that.
  11. Be the newest comment

  12. Be the newest comment

  13. Be the newest comment

    I'm going for a week so you'll need to keep track of points Also 4
  14. can anyone relate?

    When I meet people I'm talking about mildly interesting stuff the whole time so nothing really develops (I don't think) but yeah, I completely understand why you'd think that. I guess it means someone is trying to go from "interesting person to talk to" to "now it's just us". I think 2 is also a lonely number because it could so easily end up feeling like 1.
  15. I can see it out my window and it's become such a big event that this is the first year where it's ticketed (£30 to the distaste of the Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communists) and has now taken up the whole of a large park due to demand but I'm wondering what your local Pride festival consists of and also how one can bring aro awareness to their local pride.