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  1. There's a kickstarter going for enamel pins of the same design and a bunch of other pride weapons. Cool stuff!
  2. Used computers with all the old info, including passwords, permanently built in. They don't give you the password.
  3. Your Raw Score is: -315, which indicates that overall you are Androgynous Your appearance is Androgynous Your brain processes are mostly that of a Androgynous person. You appear to socialize in a androgynous manner. You believe you have mild conflicts about your gender identity. You indicated your were born Female. ANALYSIS: Female to Male Transsexual in doubt about your ability to successfully transition. NOTES: Your Answers indicate your psychological state has likely prevailed since you were quite young. Fair enough but idk where they got "in doubt about your ability to successfully transition" from. I haven't transitioned yet because i'm not in a good place to do so, not because i don't think i could pass or whatever... I wouldn't put much stock in this because it's obviously based on stereotypes but it's interesting to compare results!
  4. I have. She asked me out and thanks to amatonormativity i thought maybe i wanted to be with her too, so i said yes. I knew i wasn't ~in love~ or anything, but i liked her a lot and i figured it would develop over time. At the time, i remember being pretty nervous and unsure about the whole thing, but i figured we were just going on one date to see if we were a good match. Imagine my surprise when she referred to me as her SO the next day! We clearly had different ideas of what we were agreeing to in the beginning, but i didn't want to ruin it by disagreeing so i was like "welp guess i have a gf now." I think part of it was a social status thing too -- i wanted to get an SO because my friends all paired off or at least had been in a relationship before, and i was afraid people would think i was a loser who couldn't get a date, instead of just not wanting one. I wanted a girlfriend so i could say i had one, and to prove to myself that i was appealing enough for someone to pick me as "the one" over everyone else they knew. That's not what i was thinking at all when i agreed to go out with her, but i sort of knew i had that mindset and in retrospect it definitely made me more inclined to believe i was falling for her even as it became more and more clear that i wasn't. We were together for about a year and a half, although i felt wrong about the whole thing for most of the relationship. I didn't want to lose her as a friend, so i stuck around a lot longer than i should have. It was incredibly stressful and i felt really guilty for not feeling the way i was "supposed" to feel. Very happy to be out of that relationship, even though she's a great girl. Feels like i can finally breathe right again!
  5. Yeah i'd love to see more! There's a lot of potential for a great sequel or a story about another "heartless" character. There's a print version of the first few chapters, but not the whole story. It's a shame, i would definitely buy it.
  6. I don't think my gender has affected who i'm attracted to, but i think it affected who i thought i was attracted to. Before i accepted that i'm trans, i tried so hard to convince myself i was a lesbian. After hearing lesbians talk about how they always felt different from other girls, being drawn to GNC or butch lesbians, and being completely uninterested in romantic advances from my male friends, i latched on to that label to explain all my differences away. It was to the point of going into denial when i started developing sexual attraction to men and my romantic attraction to women remained nonexistant, and i spent years trying to come up with alternative explanations for my gender dysphoria. I'm much happier now that i've accepted who i am, and i don't think my actual gender has affected my actual romantic attraction, since i have none
  7. Just finished reading it. It is a cool concept! It's always interesting when creators not only include queer stuff, but make it an important part of the plot. The pacing was a little fast for me, not as much time for character development as i would have liked, but it's really good overall
  8. Kaito momota from danganronpa v3! I know the game wants me to ship him with maki but fuck that lol even when she confessed to him he didn't say one way or the other about if he feels the same. That romantic subplot was so annoying. They had a perfectly good friendship, it didn't need to change! He didn't seem in love with her to me. Kaito and shuichi are my otp, but in more of a QPP kinda way, maybe with some one-sided romance on shuichi's side.
  9. Yes! That was the appeal for me too. They were so close and from bella's point of view, that didn't make them "more than friends." It was nice until the stupid love triangle kicked in and stephenie meyer had to demonize him so he wouldn't get in the main couple's way. Looking back the books aren't great lol but i cared a lot about them at the time! Yeah same. It was always weird to me that they'd go into these conversations with the assumption that i liked someone. As if it was obvious that everyone had a crush at all times. That's not even how that works? Very weird. Haha i should have used your excuse! I changed schools enough that it would have been plausible.
  10. I was never interested in weddings or love stories or any of that stuff when i was a kid. I never imagined what my future wedding or SO would be like, it just didn't seem important to me. My favorite movies were the ones that focused on cool stuff or friendships, without love interests. When i got older, i was okay with romance, but love triangles frustrated me and i often wished they'd all just be friends. Confession: i was a huge twilight fan when i was 12-14. My favorite book was, of course, the one edward is barely in. I was totally absorbed in bella and jacob's friendship, and i was so upset when he decided he was in love with her and turned into a douchebag >:/ When my friends asked who i had a crush on, i said no one, and when they insisted there must be someone, i picked a random kid in my class. At that point i was convinced that everyone else was doing the same thing, making up a fake crush so their friends would leave them alone. It was really awkward dealing with them teasing me whenever my "crush" was around after that lol i was terrified they would say something and i'd end up stuck in a relationship i didn't even want!
  11. I thought i was bi (which i am) and just not up for a relationship yet. I figured i'd develop that desire when i met the right person, or when i got older, or when i was in a better mental state... Never happened. There were always things about relationships i didn't want, and i knew deep down that the only reason i was even considering getting into one was because A) i was lonely and B) i liked the idea of having someone around to have sex with on a regular-ish basis. It seemed like such a shallow, selfish way to think that i didn't want to acknowledge it, so i pushed it to the back of my mind and convinced myself i must actually want all the other romantic stuff too. Spoiler: I didn't lol and trying them out made that very clear.
  12. 1) What would be a suitable animal mascot for your romantic orientation? (Maybe look through emojis for ideas?) I like the aro aardvark idea. I know armadillos have been used sometimes for asexuals already, but i think they'd be a pretty good aro mascot too I remember seeing something about aromantic griffins to go with asexual dragons, but it seems like most people just do aro dragons anwyay? Both of those are cool! 2) Would you use 'heartbroken' to describe an aromantic going through relationship related grief? Absolutely, and i've felt that myself. Not for a romantic partner, but for several friends. I don't fall in love, but i can love my friends with the same intensity as alloros feel towards their SOs, and losing them is often just as devastating. 3) Would you describe a QPR more of a modified friendship or a modified romantic relationship? Or is it it's own thing? I consider it its own thing, but closer to a modified friendship. 4) Would the world be better if half the population was aromantic (or on the spectrum) and half was alloromantic? Why? It'd certainly be different, but i don't know if it would be better overall. Platonic relationships would probably be taken much more seriously, which would be great, and it'd be easier for us to find friends who won't stop paying attention to us in favor of an SO, but it'd also be a lot harder for alloros to find partners, and it could cause conflict for everyone if alloros kept falling for their aro friends. I'd like it if there were more aros, but i don't think half the population is necessary!
  13. I have a lesbian relative on my mom's side, but i've never met her and other than that there's no one i'm aware of. Pretty sure my family has never heard of aromanticism (i'm not out), but even if they had they all seem pretty alloro to me.
  14. Yeah, reading other aro people's experiences made me realize it's much more common than i thought. Good to know i'm not alone, but i wish we were talked about more so we could figure it out sooner. Nice to meet you too! Thank you That's pretty much how it was for me too. I sorta knew it was possible in theory, but i didn't see anyone who was actually like that so i never fully considered it. I do think part of it is that we didn't participate as much until very recently, but thankfully it seems like that's changing for the better! Hopefully we'll get to a point where more people know about us and it's easier to find others. Thank you for the welcome! (also your english is great, no worries!)
  15. Hello! I'm brook, i'm in my 20's, and i recently realized i'm aromantic. This realization came after years of trying to figure out romance, even though i didn't have any interest in it until i realized i was supposed to. When i developed sexual attraction, i guess i just assumed i had romantic attraction too. I had heard of alloromantic asexuals, but i never really saw the opposite, so it never occurred to me that i might be. I even convinced myself i was in love with some of my closest friends and entered a relationship with one of them. It was a disaster. I spent so much of that relationship putting on a performance, saying and doing all the things i thought i was supposed to say, and eventually i settled into something more like a close friendship dynamic. For the most part that was fine, but every now and then she'd say something that made it clear she felt something more, and i had no idea how to react. Deep down, i knew i didn't feel the same, but i cared about her, so i stayed and told myself i'd develop those feelings over time. When i finally broke things off, it was a huge relief. I had considered the possibility that i was gray ace and/or aro before, but i always pushed the thought out of my mind. Most people don't value platonic relationships as much as romantic ones, and i was afraid of what that meant for me if i was aromantic. But it's clear to me now that i just don't have the feelings or desires that make people want romantic relationships, and after lurking on some aromantic blogs, i decided i had to accept myself for who i am. Reading the experiences of other people like me has already helped me so much, and i'm feeling much more at peace with this. I want to talk with other aros, since we're a pretty rare bunch and i've never met another one irl, and this seems like the place to start! Looking forward to meeting some cool people
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