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  1. I'm glad you agree! I only know a couple so this is new to me to talk about haha Thank you! I will do my best
  2. Nice to meet you too! Hope we can get along Thank you😄
  3. I like the idea of being in a relationship sometimes so I have tried it but then get the repulsion. Cuddling was the ABSOLUTE worst I tell you!
  4. Hey y'all! I'm a proud canadian otaku. I love the romance genre in anime, TV and books but experience repulsion to it IRL which is always fun. I don't think that liking the genre makes me any less aro then anyone else, the same way that liking yaoi doesn't make you gay! But hey, please express your opinions, I'd love to hear from people 😁 Anyway I'm new here so please be kind 💜 Please say hi!
  5. Hugging is okay but only really as a greeting (I find it creepy otherwise) Kissing is... Meh Cuddling is a heck no, so uncomfortable and awkward
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