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  1. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    My dad recently had knee surgery so i can relate. I hope your sister feels better soon both physically and emotionally. I know family can be tough and having to deal with family while healing is even harder. Nature is amazing its always a peaceful so its cool you saw the sunrise! Chill days are the best days. I hope you have a super fun and relaxing two months!
  2. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    Oh okay. Yeah we call it a recycling truck which doesnt sound as interesting.
  3. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    Congrats on your new job! Do you mind explaining what the recycling service bot is like? I dont have that where i live but it sounds interesting.
  4. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    Congrats on your goal! I need to catch up on the politics for my country and im sure i’ll want a lot of wine when i do since i live in america.
  5. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    Thats an important part of the day. I look forward to the continuation Thanks i think so too! Its cool to see the different things everyone does. Relationships/friendships are hard i hope everything goes well!
  6. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    I hate when neighbors are like that. Lunch is the highlight of my day so I feel that. I hope you had a great rest of your day!
  7. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    Sorry about the stressful part but its good that youre almost done with school stuff. I hope you have a fun summer ☀️
  8. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    I wanna meet new people and I like hearing how people’s days have gone
  9. Tired-Sparo

    hello, new here

    Hello! Nice to meet you I like reading too if you wanna talk some time
  10. Tired-Sparo

    Hi I’m New

    Thank you! It’s nice to meet you too! Gotta love deku
  11. Tired-Sparo

    Hi I’m New

    Thank you! I like yours too I actually haven’t seen that anime yet tho
  12. Tired-Sparo

    Hi I’m New

    Hi I’m Nicole, I’m a teen, and I just realized I was aro not that long ago and decided to meet more aro people and learn more about the community. I had been thinking about my sexuality for a while and I was talking to my friend about how trying to figure out my sexuality was so frustrating because I’ve barely ever had feelings and when I do I’m not sure that they’re actually romantic feelings and that’s when she suggested I might be aro. She had to explain to me what aro meant but once she did it was like everything just made sense. It perfectly explained why I got so confused about my feelings and about why I barely had them. Figuring out I’m aro is cool because I understand myself better now, I know I’m not some weirdo for my feelings, and I know I can have a nice life and relationship even if I don’t have romantic feelings. I’d love to meet more people in the aro community and I hope I can become friends with some people on here!
  13. Tired-Sparo

    Are there any other teens on here?