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  1. Ironically my final paper for my 18th century literature class is on an author's view of first loves vs. second loves

  2. Happy thanksgiving! 🦃

    1. Naegleria fowleri

      Naegleria fowleri

      Pshh... American.


      ( :

  3. Tired-Sparo

    Aromantic Character Headcanons

    I headcanon Aloy from the video game Horizon Zero Dawn as aro because almost every character in the game flirts with her at some point but she's always like thanks not interested and she has a large group of friends she cares for immensely
  4. Tired-Sparo

    Harmful Romance Movie Tropes

    I can definitely attest to the fact that some of these tropes were misguiding and made it more confusing to find out I was aro. The whole soulmate concept and the idea that you had to have love to have an interesting and meaningful life made me ignore the fact that I didn't actually feel love and didn't need it to be happy. It wasn't until years later that I realized I could be completely happy without a romantic love and it helped me acknowledge that the whole time I was waiting for some "true love" person that I hadn't really felt any romantic love for anyone anyways.
  5. Tired-Sparo

    I'd rather ... than get Married

    I would rather own an animal shelter than get married
  6. A magazine for my school is taking submissions of poetry for possible publication if i post some stuff would anyone be willing to give me opinions on which ones would be good for submission?

  7. Tired-Sparo

    Writing Thread

    For me it took 3 days but I didn't work on it non-stop. It was a good few hours each day though.
  8. Tired-Sparo

    Writing Thread

    I usually write poetry/prose and recently I wrote a poem for class where we had to find a place in nature and describe that place without directly describing it. It's really long but I think it turned out pretty good so if anyone wants to read it:
  9. So I had to write a hella long poem for class and I’m actually kinda proud of it should I post it somewhere on here?

    1. Tagor


      You should definitely post it. I there's this thread, but you can also open a new one.

  10. There’s a person I wanna be friends with but idk how to do that 

    1. running.tally
    2. aro_elise


      ah, the squish issue

  11. Tired-Sparo

    Sharing Creations

  12. Tired-Sparo

    Sharing Creations

    Omg thats so amazing its super detailed i love it so much and its not even done
  13. Tired-Sparo

    Sharing Creations

    I’m interested in looking at anything anyone has created and wants to share. Some examples include but are not limited to: written works, arts, crafts, online stores. If anyone is interested my wattpad where I write poetry (or i guess technically it’s prose?) is made-of-words
  14. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    Oh i love wattpad! Its so great for posting and reading. That sounds cool ill have to read it sometime
  15. Tired-Sparo

    Tell me about your day

    I hope your cold goes away soon! That job sounds pretty cool id love to get paid for reading. Do you have any book recommendations? Thats an interesting family mystery i hope you find an answer